Friday, August 15, 2014

N is for...

… noga (nougat)! A yummy treat often found in old candyshops or at the fair or carny covered in a thin layer of chocolat. Om nom nom! Me started off great on this yummy letter. The noga diamond is often wrapped in colourful tinfoil paper. Easy to hold on to the noga without the chocolate melting on your paw. That is nice right. (noga diamond)

You know what also is Dutch and yummy? The nasischijf (fried rice with spices in a crunchy crust, like the corquette). It is often eaten with fries! Also very Dutch is nuchter (down to earth), a state of mind often associated with the Dutch. They are not very out there – well not everyone is like that, but most Dutch are very down to earth. O, and me should almost forget that Nederland (the Nederlands) also start with the letter N!

Nasischijf / Nederland

And to conclude me Alphabet for today, me want to share some pictures from animals that start with the letter N. There is the nijlpaard (hippo) and the neushoorn (rhino). Two gorgeous animals that live at the zoos right here in the Netherlands. Aren’t they beautiful?

Nijlpaard (Dierenpark Emmen) / Neushoorn (DierenPark Amersfoort)

Well, that was me letter N of the Dutch Alphabet. Next week everything will be turned a certain Dutch colour starting with the letter O. Bu-bye for now!

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