Friday, August 22, 2014

O is for...

…oranje (orange)!. Oranje is the Dutch national and royal colour. They often speak of the Oranjes (the Oranges) when the Dutch speak about the beloved Royal Family, but also when they are talking about the national sporters and athletes. Oranje is also the colour of oranjebitter (a liquor made of oranges) and used as a part of the name of oranjekoeken (orange cookies). They are pink though… and eaten at weddings in Friesland. The spicey cookie is enriched with some almond paste, pink icing and whipped cream and fruit. But you can also buy cookie pieces at the local supermarket.

Oranjebitter/ oranjekoeken

O boy, o boy. How about oliebollen (Dutch doughnuts)? They are a Dutch New Year’s Eve treat filled with raisins and apple pieces. Om nom nom nom! Me know it is August, but this is really a treat me look forward to every year. For breakfast the Dutch like to eat ontbijtkoek (gingerbread) with a little butter on top. Meat lovers like to eat ossenworst (sausage made from beef). You can eat it on a sandwich or just in slices for a birthday or party treat.

Ontbijtkoek / ossenworst
Top: oliebollen

Last but not least, me will tell about a great animal whose name starts with O: olifant (elephant). Me especially love the family living at DierenPark Amersfoort. There is a big male elephant, two adult females and two little ones, a boy and a girl. It is so great to just look at them play with the water and the sand. Me love it.

Next week me will talk about the letter P! And boy o boy me have a lot to talk about then. Till next week!

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