Sunday, September 16, 2018

Instameets by the sea

Ah the sea. Me love the sandy beaches, the soaring seagulls and the waves rolling on to the beach… it so soothing… Luckily in the Netherlands we have loads of beaches to choose from. There are many great places to go and it even better with friends! That why over the Summer me had not one but two instameets by the sea. Me gonna tell you all about them.

July 22: SeaLife Scheveningen with Keith, Richie and Snoopy

O boy… me was a little nervous for this instameet. You know the little elephant rebels can be naughty… Snoopy (voyage of the beagle) can be very naughty… O boy o boy, me was going to have me hands full with them! So… me decided to bring a little octopus friend (who was nameless until the next ocean side instameet) who – if necessary – would have enough arms and legs to hold everyone. Luckily we just had an awesome time! First we met for coffee and some nommies in Scheveningen (that is near The Hague).

Than we went to SeaLife. That was so much fun! It such a beautiful aquarium about the oceans of the world. Me also loved the penguin habitat. They looked so friendly. O and me loved all the colourful fishees too.

To end the day we went to the beach. You must now that SeaLife Scheveningen lies on the Boulevard that separates the city from the beach. So… we left the Aquarium, crossed the road and… enjoyed some well-deserved beach time! It was an amazing Summer day too.

July 29: Zandvoort at Sea with the octopus family

O it been a while since February when me and Coral met up with Jaques, Jaqueline and the family in Amsterdam. So me was really excited to see them again. This time not only Coral, but also lil Cookie and Maddie the fish went along. O and the little blue octopus too. After a fun and relaxing train ride we made it to Zandvoort at Sea. The humom of Jaques, Jaqueline and the rest had picked out this cute beach bar. It was a little far from the train station but so worth it.

While we cuddled on the couch, our humans had a great time too! Me think you can see that in these pictures right? O and the sweet humom of Jaques and Jaqueline gave our lil blue octo a name too: Azuro. He was so happy!

Well… those were great instameets again! Me had two more in August. Me will talk about those next time.

Saturday, September 08, 2018

An awesome instameet in Artis

On May 27 me and Berry hopped on the train to Amsterdam to meet our sweet friends Tessa and Woody (of Richie and Keith the rebels) for some quality fun in the sun. We decided to go to Artis again. Me was a little nervous about that, because well… because of the last time me was there and that horrible eye accident (me told you about that in me previous post). But Berry promised me this time Artis would be only fun. And you know what… she was totally right!

We met up with our friends at Amsterdam Central Station and we walked from there to… well not to the Zoo. That would have been crazy. No, we went to de Drie Graefjes first for some nommy cake and coffee! That was so much fun – and so nommy. The apple pie with whipped cream was soooo good.

After a fun ride on the tram we arrived at the zoo. Normally we always first visit the animals and go to the zooshop (or adoption agency) at the end of the day. This time we decided to go to the store first. There we adopted this little adorable black jaguar! He is sooo cute! We named him Droppie. That is a Dutch name for liquorice. Me got to cuddle with him all day. Also Tessa and Woody adopted another little sloth and named him Rod. He is in some pictures here too!

So with our new friends we visited the zoo. And no, me no sat on bannisters this time. If me had to sit somewhere, Berry held me up or Tessa held me up. It was extra fun that way. O and me always had wanted to see elephants swimming and this day me got to see that! It was soooo awesome. The little one was so adorable playing in the water. O and we just had the most amazing encounter with a sloth in the greenhouse! Just enjoy some of the pictures we made together!

Also in Artis is this little statue. It represents one of the most known little childrens songs or nursery rhyme. It about a little boy (Dikkertje Dap) who climbed on a ladder (klom op de trap) early in the morning, around 7:15 am (‘s morgens vroeg om kwart over zeven) to feed a sugar cube to the giraffe (om de giraf een klontje te geven). He says: Hi Giraf! (Dag Giraf, zei Dikkertje Dap) Do you know what I got? (weet je wat ik heb gekregen?) Red rubber booties to wear in the rain (rode laarsjes voor de regen). And then the giraffe says NO WAY! (’t Is toch niet waar, zei de giraf), Dikkertje Dikkertje I am impressed (Dikkertje, Dikkertje ik sta paf). And then there is another verse and it ends with that the little boy is allowed to slide of the neck and back of the giraffe and a promise that he will come back tomorrow. It so cute! The story is written by the sweet and great Annie M.G. Schmidt.

It was a great day again! But me think you can see that, right.

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Visiting Artis in January

Or… the story how me hurt me eye…

This year me already have visited many zoos. In January Berry and me – well, mostly Berry – needed to clear her mind so we went to Artis in Amsterdam (it also known as Amsterdam Zoo). It was January 30 when we went. Although it was winter time, it surely felt like a spring day. Me was really excited to go to Artis, because me never been there before. The last time Berry was there she was just a little girl. So… it was about time to experience this zoo together.

We took the train to Amsterdam. Me love traveling by train. Me can sit on the table and look outside. It so relaxing. After a smooth train ride we hopped on the tram which took us to the zoo. The funny thing about Artis is, that it lays in the city. It a true city zoo. It also a very old zoo with a long history, cuz it one of the firsts in the Netherlands. The monumental gate is truly magnificent.

Me was quite pleased with the zoo. There are so many beautiful animals living there. Me like the Alpine goats, the lions (sadly, the male one passed away last week), elephants, tapirs and even butterflies, sealions, red panda’s, African spotted dogs and penguins… and many many more! Me really looked me googly eyes out! O and me had so much fun with the little Colombian monkey baby! He was so cute!

But the bestest and most beautiful habitat we loved the most was the elephant habitat. It was really big and you can walk around it, getting all these nice glimpses of the elephants. The path leads to a lower point so you can see the elephants at water level drinking water! It was soooo cool. Especially because one of the big elephants was drinking when we were standing there. It was awesome. Me really wanted me picture taken at the water side. What could happen? Me sit on bannisters daily right… So Berry helped me up the bannister, took a few pictures of me and stepped forward to grab me when… someone bumped into the bannister and made me fall! Me fell backwards into the iron gate and hurt me eye. Me also fell in some water… Berry was so sad about it for me. And angry and she felt so guilty! But me told her it was okay and not her fault. We went for some nommies to feel better and at home she mended me eye like a pro! Me is going to be extra careful though sitting on bannisters and gate, that for sure! Me still love the pictures she took though.

Although me little accident put a mark on that day we did have loads of fun. Me hope the pictures do show that.

You know, me visited Artis also in May, but me will talk about that later next week.