Monday, May 29, 2006

Rainy day in Holland
or Dolphins in the Rain

Because of a religious holiday, last thursday everyone was free. And because there was only one day in between the thursday and the weekend, most companies proclaimed that as a free day too. So Berry and me had a very long weekend.

A very long, rainfilled weekend.

But hey, it are the Netherlands. Rain is there middlename here! So, me go with the flow, and went with Berry on a trip.

Me went to the Dolfinarium. In March me had seen all the animals in the snow. It was magnificent. But friday... everything was wetter then wet. The rain poured down, the animals were playing, it was lovely. The animals did not care, they just swam around, sticking there noses in the air, catching raindrops... it was nice.

Well... Berry thought so. Me no not like rain very much. Me fur all get wet and soaky. So, Berry bought a big rainponcho and me was hanging on her back, covered with a big blue fabric. It kept the rain out! That was nice.

Because of all the rain, Berry and me went for Coffee and Muffins in the underwaterworld. Me watched the dolphins, waved at the sleeping Beachie and... ofcourse... drank some water! All that rain and water makes one thirsty you know!

Byebye for now!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Keevie & the Dolfinarium - again

This is the life! Behind the steering wheel of Keevie, window open, wind through my fur, sun in your face... cruisin around with a bit of music. Cookies at grabbing range... Cookie can learn to love this!

Too bad Berry always wants to drive. But that doesn't stop me from hanging out the window! Here you can see me at the big lake near the Dolfinarium. Where we went not so long ago.

Tomorrow Berry, Keevie & Me will go back again... but me think me will keep the windows closed, cause the weather is not to beautiful. But hey, there is always a reason for eating cookies!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Dutch Alfabet - 3, or C is for Cookie

So what starts with the letter C?
Coegie, the nickname of Berry starts with a C.
And Centraal Station (Central Station), also starts with a C.
And chocolade (chocolat) and Cool and C-formulier (C-form, dunno what it is for thought).
And then there are Citroenen (lemons) and Cola.

But the best word that starts with a C still is Cookie or Cookie Monster.

Yeah, no matter what language, C is for Cookie, that will always be good enough for me...

Byebye for now! Me has to find tall glass of milk to eat cookies with!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dutch Alfabet - 2

Starring the letter B.

Well, Berry starts with a B, and she is my best friend... so B is for Berry, that's good enough for me!

Although Berry is an old Dutch name for girls, it is common in the Netherlands to call a boy Berry too. Well... it has to be spelled with an A instead of an E, but it sounds like it... so Berry has a lot of explaining to do.

The B also stands for Banketbakkerij, which translates as PastryBakery. When you are in the province of Brabant you can order Bosche Bollen. It's a sort of cake. It has a thin crust of dough, shaped as a ball, filled with whipped cream. The crust is covered in a thick layer of chocolate. It is a real Dutch treat.

Other Dutch B-words are: Belastingdienst (tax service), Bakkeleien (it is Utrechts for having words), Bassie (Berries lovely dog) and Belgenmop (joke about the inhabitants of Belgium, very common in the Netherlands).

Do you know more typical Dutch B-words? Than make a comment!

Byebye for now!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sleepy Seals

Picture this, it is nice and warm outside, you can lay yourself down on the beach and you can do absolutely nothing, but stretching yourself, watch the people around you and just being plain lazy...

...and then now the picture that suits the picture in your head...

Me told you last week it was a sunny, warm day at the Dolfinarium! Well, it was so hot, the seals thought it was time to sleep and snooze, instead of doing shows or swim around. They decided to just lay on the beach, yawn a bit, scratch their bellies and noses and snooze some more.

Me would love to have a life like that... just laying around doing nothing...

... o... me have life like that! Well, while watching the seals me became sleepy too, so me hung around on Berries back, snoozing. But after taking the picture ofcourse!

Bye bye for now! Me is going to enjoy the beautiful Dutch pre-summer weather!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Sunny Dolfinarium

It was a lovely day to visit the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk today. Berry and me had a very very very busy week, so, it was nice to do something different today. Relaxing in the sun. Watching all the seamammels sunbathing on the beach. Playing in the water...

Me was glad me had some shade once in a while. Me was sweating!

Here you can see me at the Walrussenwal. And as you can see, Igor thought it was to hot to do anything... sleeping in the little fountains.

It was so much fun! While we drove back, Berry had the window open, so now me fur is all messed up!

Bye bye for now!