Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dutch Alfabet - 5

Cookie have been away for sometime. But here is me come back! With a next letter in the Dutch Alfabet... the letter E.

E is definitely for Ernie, my best friend. Me usually stay over, when Bert is out of town for a pigeon convention. Or something about bottlecaps. But that is not where me will talk about today.

In Dutch you have some nice words that starts with E too. Like Enkhuizen, a pretty town in North Holland at the IJsselmeer. But the E is also good voor 'eten' (eating), wich you do with cookie. Me also like words like eigen (mine), elk (everyone) and en (and). Because that last word is something me likes to use.

And than there are some animals that start with E, like Egel (porcupine) who is nice and prickley and lives in Berries backyard, underneath the big pinetree into the leaves.

There are loads more words that start with E. But me wanted to leave it with this. Next time me will talk about the letter F and the kind of pancakes me can bake with that!

Bye bye for now!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Dear readers,

Me have been offline for a while, because me was buried in a book. Me is still buried in it, but me wanted to tell something about it right now.

The book me is reading, is called Dance SoulBlues and it is written by Berry - who else. Me like it very much. The book is in Dutch - offcourse - and it is about two boys and there band.

A while ago there was a bookpresentation at the Bruna in our Mall. Me was there too! And me was very very proud. Berries dad made this picture from me with the books, cause Berry was to busy giving autographs... But the book is very pretty... too bad it is not about cookies. But Cookie likes music too!

ByeBye for now!

Friday, October 20, 2006

In the woods

Me like to visit the woods in fall. Why? Because me likes the smell of the green leafs and of the dirt on the ground.

Cookie also loves it when they are coloured yellow and red and brown and golden. And sometimes leafs just fall on top of me head while walking under the trees.

Me also loves pinetrees. Berry not so, because she is a bit allergic, but me, me love the smell of the pinetrees.

And it is also fun to go out and pick acorns from oaktrees. You can make little puppets of them with toothpicks. It is much fun!

And when me get tired of picking leafs and so... me find myself a nice little rock in the sun to eat a cookie.

Yeah... me really need to go to a forest soon...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Riding a dream...

Ah! The sunshine! The water of the big lake that is making waterly sounds! Hmm... it looks like Cookie is on vacation! Me loves to hang around in nature. Looking at beautiful trees, fish and seagulls. Me loves to hitch a ride on Berries back, and when that not is possible...

...Cookie hitched a ride on a dream...

Aah... this is the life for Cookie. And the reason why me no has written that much. Me was a bit far away...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sealion expedition

Hey! Cookie Monster here, back from a very exciting expedition! Me went to see the sealions in their national habitat! Me had to climb rocks and survive all kinds of clamshells. Luckily the sun was shining, so me did not bother with the cold wind - it was blowing every now and then. But is was worth it! Cause now me have a beautiful picture.

Okay... me have to let you in on little secret... these sealions aren't real. It is a very beautiful sculpture of a family of sealions. See the mummy looking really funny while the daddy roars his lungs out! The baby is real cuddly... Me would have loved to make a picture with a real sealion, but me think that is not a good idea, cause human babies always want to chew on me googly eyes, me don't want to think about what a sealion would do... And, on top of that, me no can swim well.

But, the picture is still beautiful! Me liked the fact me could get a picture like this. Cause the sealions look very very real to me.

Do you want to see the sculpture too? Well, then you have to pay a visit at the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk. Me went there yesterday with Berry - ofcourse - to clear our heads. And me must say: it worked!

Next time me will share more about the Dolfinarium in my Cookie Report! Until then, byebye for now!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Open House

Two weeks ago, on a saturday, me went to the Open House day of FC Utrecht. It was loads of fun! Berry bought a new playersshirt (one of the goalie) which is just as blue as my fur! So, when Berry is wearing a red jacket - what she normally does - and me is wearing my red shirt, then we are looking like twins! It is true.

What also was fun was that during the introductions of the players, me was allowed to sit on the business seats. And from there, me could see my seat at the opposite side of the stadium! It was nice to see everything like this! Me applauded loudly for our boys in red and me got a nice flag to wave around. It really was a nice day out.

The football season has started last week, unfortunately FC Utrecht lost from Willem II at the stadium of Willem II. Next saturday they will play in Utrecht, so, me is gonna have loads of fun... and cookies!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Henkje loves Cookie loves Henkje

Me like to babysit Baby Henk, because he likes to play with me. And chew on me, and drool on me... Ah well.
Too bad me couldn't sit still for a picture...

Thursday, August 10, 2006


There is someone who loves cookies just as much as Cookie.
And it is someone Cookie loves very much too.


Baby Henkje, ofcourse. Last monday me was babysitting and he had cookiecrumbs all over his face.

Isn't he cute? He even has my googly eyes!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dutch Alfabet - 4

Cookie likes to talk about the next letter in the Dutch alfabet, which is the same letter in all western alfabets, but hey... the words are definitely different.

The next letter - obviously - is the letter D, of Dropjes (Liqourice, see previous post about Dutch Treats) ofcourse. Me like the black sweetsalty candy, but sometimes it can be stuck inside a tooth...

Another real Dutch word with a D is Dakpan (things you put on a roof, there actually aren't fryingpans, thats for sure). The roofs of old houses - but new ones in old styles too - are covered in the terracotta coloured pans. It looks lovely. In a storm, they can be blown away though...

D in Dutch also stands voor Dansen (dancing), Disco (a place you can loose a cookie), Dun gesneden (sliced thinly, were still talking about the Dutch) and last but not least Dag vers (daily fresh), something everybody loves.

Well, Cookie also loves the D of Dopen (dipping) which is very popular to do with cookies. For example you dip (doopt) them in milk... yum... Grown-ups like to dip their cookies also in tea or coffee. It is fun to watch: sometimes half of the cookie stays behind in the drink, because it became to soft! You should see them struggle to get the soft, wet cookie in their mouth, before it breaks of! Loads of fun.

Cookie likes to dip his chocolate chip cookies in milk... YUM!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


O boy o boy o boy!
All the chocolat is melting from me chocolat chip cookies! Me fur is wet of sweat and me googly eyes hurt of the sun! Yes people, it is the second heatwave of the summer in Holland. Dutch summers are warm, but now it is plain H-O-T!

Not that me is complaining! Me like the riding in Keevie with all the windows open. Me like the icecreams me eat A LOT lately. And offcourse me like all the roadtrips to Harderwijk! Although me isn't dangling on Berries back, but sitting in her big beach bag, me keep head cool and enjoy the ride!

And so now and then me pops me nose and fur out of the bag and hey... me is sitting on a rock, near the Dolphins. Or in a big stadium watching the dolphins. It is lovely. Me like this heatwave...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Eatin' Cookie

There is always a reason for eatin' cookie!

Even during a heatwave! Mwamjamjamammamamwamwam...

Friday, June 30, 2006


Me knows me have not been writing a lot on my website lately. Well, that is because me has been places. You see, it is Berries summerbreak and me has been tagging along to all kind of nice places. From the city, to the Dolfinarium, to Texel. And that was a trip to tell a nice story about!

Texel is a Dutch island in the Wadden. It is famous for its wool so you can find a lot of sheep over there. Very small, buff looking sheep. Me liked it. They are nice and fuzzy and white.

Me on the ship to TEXEL!

You see, to get to Texel, we (Berry, Silvia and me) had to travel for three hours! First we took the train from Utrecht to Den Helder. Then the bus to the boat. The boat to the island and then again the bus to a place called Ecomare.

Me in the bus to the boat in Den Helder.

This is a nice place in the dunes where you can see the seals. Some seals are picked up after storms and then in the centre they are healed and after that they can go back to their families in the Noord- and Waddensea. It is beautiful work! They also do a lot about enviromenteducation.

Me sitting on a wooden bunny in the dunes.

Me thought the dunes were breathtaking! Luckily Berry brought her digital camera as well, cause now me can post some photo's. The rest has to be developed at the photocenter. So, just take a look for your self, these pictures say enough for now!

And a breathtaking environment.

After visiting the seals, me, Silvia and Berry took the bus on Texel back to Den Burg, the biggest town on the island. There we found a nice restaurant for an early dinner. And then we went back to the boat! It was a lovely day! Needless to say we were a bit tired on our trip back!

Texel is the island of wool and woolen toys, Berry bought a little lamb, with a coat as white as snow. And where ever Berry goes, the lamb would follow too... To Utrecht!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Play the sax!

You know, Berry plays the sax. Me think that is cool! When she first started, me tagged along to her classes and listened to her play. But now she has this new backpack for her saxophone, so me can no longer tag along. Me no mind, me stay at home and wait for her.

The best part is when Berry is rehearsing her songs. Me can listen all day long. And when she is playing at home, she also plays songs that are no homework.

Me like it. Me also like her shine green sax! Sometimes Berry plays outside, me hope she will play in a bandstand someday, and me can be all proud and yelling: that is my friend up there... Well, a monster can dream, now can't he?

Monday, May 29, 2006

Rainy day in Holland
or Dolphins in the Rain

Because of a religious holiday, last thursday everyone was free. And because there was only one day in between the thursday and the weekend, most companies proclaimed that as a free day too. So Berry and me had a very long weekend.

A very long, rainfilled weekend.

But hey, it are the Netherlands. Rain is there middlename here! So, me go with the flow, and went with Berry on a trip.

Me went to the Dolfinarium. In March me had seen all the animals in the snow. It was magnificent. But friday... everything was wetter then wet. The rain poured down, the animals were playing, it was lovely. The animals did not care, they just swam around, sticking there noses in the air, catching raindrops... it was nice.

Well... Berry thought so. Me no not like rain very much. Me fur all get wet and soaky. So, Berry bought a big rainponcho and me was hanging on her back, covered with a big blue fabric. It kept the rain out! That was nice.

Because of all the rain, Berry and me went for Coffee and Muffins in the underwaterworld. Me watched the dolphins, waved at the sleeping Beachie and... ofcourse... drank some water! All that rain and water makes one thirsty you know!

Byebye for now!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Keevie & the Dolfinarium - again

This is the life! Behind the steering wheel of Keevie, window open, wind through my fur, sun in your face... cruisin around with a bit of music. Cookies at grabbing range... Cookie can learn to love this!

Too bad Berry always wants to drive. But that doesn't stop me from hanging out the window! Here you can see me at the big lake near the Dolfinarium. Where we went not so long ago.

Tomorrow Berry, Keevie & Me will go back again... but me think me will keep the windows closed, cause the weather is not to beautiful. But hey, there is always a reason for eating cookies!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Dutch Alfabet - 3, or C is for Cookie

So what starts with the letter C?
Coegie, the nickname of Berry starts with a C.
And Centraal Station (Central Station), also starts with a C.
And chocolade (chocolat) and Cool and C-formulier (C-form, dunno what it is for thought).
And then there are Citroenen (lemons) and Cola.

But the best word that starts with a C still is Cookie or Cookie Monster.

Yeah, no matter what language, C is for Cookie, that will always be good enough for me...

Byebye for now! Me has to find tall glass of milk to eat cookies with!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dutch Alfabet - 2

Starring the letter B.

Well, Berry starts with a B, and she is my best friend... so B is for Berry, that's good enough for me!

Although Berry is an old Dutch name for girls, it is common in the Netherlands to call a boy Berry too. Well... it has to be spelled with an A instead of an E, but it sounds like it... so Berry has a lot of explaining to do.

The B also stands for Banketbakkerij, which translates as PastryBakery. When you are in the province of Brabant you can order Bosche Bollen. It's a sort of cake. It has a thin crust of dough, shaped as a ball, filled with whipped cream. The crust is covered in a thick layer of chocolate. It is a real Dutch treat.

Other Dutch B-words are: Belastingdienst (tax service), Bakkeleien (it is Utrechts for having words), Bassie (Berries lovely dog) and Belgenmop (joke about the inhabitants of Belgium, very common in the Netherlands).

Do you know more typical Dutch B-words? Than make a comment!

Byebye for now!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sleepy Seals

Picture this, it is nice and warm outside, you can lay yourself down on the beach and you can do absolutely nothing, but stretching yourself, watch the people around you and just being plain lazy...

...and then now the picture that suits the picture in your head...

Me told you last week it was a sunny, warm day at the Dolfinarium! Well, it was so hot, the seals thought it was time to sleep and snooze, instead of doing shows or swim around. They decided to just lay on the beach, yawn a bit, scratch their bellies and noses and snooze some more.

Me would love to have a life like that... just laying around doing nothing...

... o... me have life like that! Well, while watching the seals me became sleepy too, so me hung around on Berries back, snoozing. But after taking the picture ofcourse!

Bye bye for now! Me is going to enjoy the beautiful Dutch pre-summer weather!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Sunny Dolfinarium

It was a lovely day to visit the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk today. Berry and me had a very very very busy week, so, it was nice to do something different today. Relaxing in the sun. Watching all the seamammels sunbathing on the beach. Playing in the water...

Me was glad me had some shade once in a while. Me was sweating!

Here you can see me at the Walrussenwal. And as you can see, Igor thought it was to hot to do anything... sleeping in the little fountains.

It was so much fun! While we drove back, Berry had the window open, so now me fur is all messed up!

Bye bye for now!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Last game of the season

It had to be the best game ever... but it could not be true... FC Utrecht, my favorite soccerteam, is no longer playing for a place in European soccer. Me was sad, but very proud last wednesday evening, because the boys played so well! Me liked the way everybody did there utmost best to show what a great team we have.

To bad we lost.

But hey, we always have next season. And Berry already has said yes to a new seasoncard, so... me is going to see FC Utrecht again next year. And who knows... maybe now we have this play-offs system, where all these teams are playing lousy for all year, except now, maybe... we have a good chance of becoming Champion!

Dare to dream!

Bye-bye for now!

Although it seems that Joost Broerse is making the goal - they gave him the credits for it in the stadion - it is new guy Rossini - also called Big Bird - behind him - not to see in the picture - who makes the 1-1. We eventually lost with 3 against 1. The picture is taken from FC

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Visiting Gaja-Fleur

Last saturday me visited Gaja-Fleur, the babygirl of Maureen, Berries best friend.
It was real fun. Gaja-Fleur was eating some mashed apples - which looked truly delicious - and after that me could sit with her in her chair. It was loads of fun. Until she started eating my eye... well who could blame her? Me googly eyes ARE delicious too... Berry had been playing with her later on in the afternoon. Driving her around in her walkingchair. It looked like fun too. But hey, Berry drives me around in het VW Beetle, so, me is not complaining! Well, it was a very fun afternoon, and the little Gaja-Fleur is really sweet! Me is going to visit more often and maybe, me is allowed to taste some of the mashed apple... mjam.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dutch Alfabet - 1

Today, me starts with typical Dutch things. And because me lives on Sesame Street, me like to do so in ABC. Me starts with the letter A.

A is for Appeltaart (Apple pie)

The Dutch like appeltaart. It is the same as apple pie all over the world. But still, it is very Dutch. The best apple pie has a thick crust and a closed top, so you no can see the filling. Inside the dough there are all kinds of applepieces and raisins. Sometimes almonds or pecannuts. But that is not very old fashioned Dutch.

The Dutch like to put a single dot of whipped cream on top... hmmmmmm.

Talking about apple pie makes me hungry...

Other real Dutch things with an A are: Appelmoes (Apple sauce) in combination with chicken and fries, or Appelstroop (Apple syrup) with loads of iron! In a tin can, to put on your sandwich. Delicious.

In the Dutch ABC the A can also stand for Amsterdam, but Berry doesn't want me to talk about it - because of a certain soccerteam. And because me is a FC Utrecht hooligan, me no talk about it too. Though, Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands. They have an old city, with nice old buildings.

Well byebye for now!

Friday, April 07, 2006


So, here is my new Cookie Report. Me have been a bit busy at Berries work. You no want to know how much me had to do! Call customers, write articles, judge the lay-out! Me was pooped!

And me had to look good too... Well, actually, Berry had to look good. Me always look spectaculair in me blue fur. But sometimes me like to play dressup, or just crawl away in Berries suit! Nice isn't it.

And what about the blingbling! Icey or what!

And, you know, the job. That was Berries doing. Me just sat there, relaxing, while she was running around in her black suit! Wich suits her very good. So, this week, me was just extremely proud!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cookie @ Work

Everyday, me go with Berry to her job. She is the chief editor of a professional magazine. She writes articles, helps with the website, makes sure everything is in its place when published.

It is fun. Me sits on the ground most of times, reading magazines and stuff. Sometimes me eat cookies or crackers. And when me is a good monster... me can sit in her chair and pretend to be the chief editor.

Although... me writing articles wouldn't be such a good idea... Me would write a lot about cookies.

One time Berry wrote about me in the magazine! That was really cool. It is in Dutch, but the picture says all, now doesn't it!

Me like to go along with Berry everyday. Sometimes we go for a walk when Berry has a break. That is nice too. Me is very proud to hop along! But it makes a small monster tired too! So byebye for now, until me next report!