Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Train Travellin'

Me always travel by car. Because, me always rides along with Berry in her Bug. Me is a bit a spoiled little monster. But hey, me always am piggybackriding anyways... so.

Well, sometimes me travel differently. Sometimes me travel by bus (me will talk about that some other time). But every once in a while me travel by train!

The trains in Holland are yellow on the outside and there are many different trains. Like doubletrains, like the famous doublebus in London, with two floors. And you have old trains with hard benches. And new trains with soft benches. You have orange benches, blue ones, purple ones and green ones.

And you have different kinds of speeds. So you have a stoptrain, which stops at every station along the way. And there is an Interliner, which stops at big stations. And offcourse the fasttrain, which stops at big and smaller stations, but not all the stations that are in between. And then there is the train that travels abroad. Me never ride on one of those before...

When me travels by train me usually is going somewhere special. Like the zoo in Amersfoort last summer, or the Gamefair in Eindhoven last fall. It is fun to sit in the train then. Me can watch outside and me sees cows and meadows and lots of water and trees. And sometimes when the train passes a city, me can see the houses and children playing in the streets or riding their bikes.

Yes, travelling by train is fun. Well most of the times. As long as you are not waiting outside in the cold on a station for the train to come. In the Netherlands people like to complain about the trainschedule. That the train is always late. Well, most trains are late. Or are having delays. But those things can happen. When you need the train for fun, it doesn't matter if its late or not. Cause you are going to do something fun and you have all the time in the world.

But sometimes travelling by train is not so fun. If you go to work by train, you want it to ride on time, without delay. Last thursday, me went by train cause Berries Bug is at the garage, to Almere Haven, the city where Berry works. It was a around-the-world-trip! First me went on the bus, that was nice, me like the bus. Then me went into the train. It wasn't so crowded in the train, but me and Berry choose a seat on the balcony of the train. The train should have been riding away at 7.46, but me got on the train at 7.52. It was delayed. So we had an earlier train, that was arriving in Almere Centrum at the same time as the train that would have gone to Almere Centrum 45 minutes later... hmmm.

And because it was dark outside and the lights were on inside... me couldn't see much outside of the train. Well, me could see me. And that is also pretty, now isn't it? Well Berry thought so and she pulled her cellphone out to take a picture!

A bit of a Spooky Cookie....

Well, although the train was riding slow and we got to Berries work at half past nine, me liked the ride. But me hope me can sit warm and cosey in Berries bug soon. Cause then we both can listen to the radio!

Bye bye for now! See you at me next Cookie Report.

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