Monday, January 27, 2014

Sabari, Queen of the Jungle

Okay, me was wondering. Do lions eat little Cookiemonsters? Me no think so, and while me rather leave the tiger spotting to Ernie, me found meself in an old city, with the laundry hanging all around. And some camels and sheep walking around. Me saw some large porcupines and all was fine. But all of a sudden, me was sitting on the floor inside a builing, gaping at this beautiful lioness. But honestly... do lions eat little blue monsters? Cause me was very happy there was glass in between us.

All joking aside. This was a very beautiful, breathtaking moment. Because lioness Sabari was so close, me could almost pet her nose. But there was glass... so me could not ofcourse. She looks real friendly, doesn't she? Well, me loved it. But me was very glad me could crawl back on Berries back cuz me needed a moment to take this all in... wow.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Awesome night of music

You know Cookie has a new shirt? Me talked about it last week. Well yesterday was the day me got to wear it. Because Berry took me to Amsterdam where PJ Morton, Robin Thicke and ofcourse Maroon 5  would be playing a big concert at the Ziggodome! Well let me tell you! Me didn't want to loose a cookie in there for sure. It was huge! Luckily we had front row tickets, so me could sit on the fence and watch PJ rocking his keys, Robin singing Blurred Lines and ofcourse fanmonster when Maroon 5 came to the stage. Me loved it. And me knows for sure Adam saw me shirt, cuz he smiled at me... And Berry ofcourse. It was briefly, but me thinks he liked it. Well, this fuzzy and blue monster sure had Moves Like Jagger! It was awesome night!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Blue Monday

It is Blue Monday today... But me no mind. Me is blue every day of the week! So sing with me and me friends: Fuzzy and Blue! Blue Monday will disappear in a heartbeat!

Fuzzy and Blue
Me said me Fuzzy and Blue
From head to bottom of shoe...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Me can see again!

Over the years Cookie lost a little bit of his eyesight. Me didn't mind that much, but it is nice to actually see the cookie and not only smell the cookie, if you know what me means. So... Today Me got me eyes fixed. Don't they look googly and cute?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Project Cookie

Me wonders, have you seen me tweets on Twitter? Me has been in fittings and stuff because my friend Berry is making me a new T-shirt. If you have not seen on Twitter: me had to do a fitting yesterday and me started wondering, it must be hard to be a model. Me knows it can be glamourous and all, but you can't eat cookie all the time and you have to fit clothes with pins in them.
Okay my friend was really nice and careful... but one pin got stuck in me fuzzy and blue fur...
She made it up to me though, with cookie.
She told me the T-shirt is for the concert me will be going to on Monday. So... when it is done, me will show another picture. Until then... Project Cookie continues.

Bye bye for now!

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Happy New Year!

It is 2014 people! Me hope all your good wishes come true this year.
Did you make a list of things you want to change about you?
Me made a little list. Me hope me can keep up with me resolutiona!

My list says:
1. Write more on blog - me really need to talk more about me adventures
2. Eat more vegetables - me loves those...
3. Play with friends - cause that is fun!
4. Drink more milk! - it is healthy
5. Never stop eating COO-KIE! - me need cookie to go with milk...
6. On occasion SHARE cookie - cause then me will have fun with friend
7. Tweet more - so Big Bird is not the only one ;)

Have a great year all!