Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Awesome night of music

You know Cookie has a new shirt? Me talked about it last week. Well yesterday was the day me got to wear it. Because Berry took me to Amsterdam where PJ Morton, Robin Thicke and ofcourse Maroon 5  would be playing a big concert at the Ziggodome! Well let me tell you! Me didn't want to loose a cookie in there for sure. It was huge! Luckily we had front row tickets, so me could sit on the fence and watch PJ rocking his keys, Robin singing Blurred Lines and ofcourse fanmonster when Maroon 5 came to the stage. Me loved it. And me knows for sure Adam saw me shirt, cuz he smiled at me... And Berry ofcourse. It was briefly, but me thinks he liked it. Well, this fuzzy and blue monster sure had Moves Like Jagger! It was awesome night!

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