Monday, September 10, 2007

Holiday in Spain

Part 3 ~ On the road in France

Yeah, Cookie knows! Cookie has not been writing a lot lately. But Cookie have very good excuse. Me has been very very busy on location. Cookie went to the Efteling, and to a Beach Volleybal game... And Cookie was at the Utrecht Uitfeest yesterday. So me has lots to talk about!

But first, me want to talk about the vacation again. Cause on the road to Spain we stopped at a big resting place for cars, caravans, people and tired Cookiemonsters to well, talk a rest. And there was this huge solar clock shaped as a piramid. In the center of the piramid there were the signs of the zodiac. It was really something!

Cookie & me zodiac sign Scorpio

We stayed a while at this big piece of art or monument to watch all the numbers and signs of the zodiac. But to get a really good view of it, me had to go outside the tiled square! So Berry was standing in the dry dirt to take this picture, of me and the piramid!

Cookie feels very very tiny in this picture!

Well... that was a beautiful thing to see on holiday. Sometimes beautiful things just pop up around the corner, when you least expect it.

And with these fortune cookie words Cookie signs off for today!
Hope to talk soon about all the other things me have done lately!

Byebye for now...