Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Magnificent Morgan

Hello everybody. Here is Cookie Monster again with me 100th report! And because me wants to thank everyone who made it possible, me wants to share a beautiful creature at this memorable moment.

Yes. Me told you last time, me was hoping me would see Morgan up close and personal one day. Well... my dream came true. Last Monday Berry literally dragged me to the Dolfinarium, not talking much - or even singing in the car - because she was really really nervous. And me hadn't a clue!

Well... my cluelessness was over when we went through a gate, passed some blue fenced walls and saw... Morgan, the saved killerwhale. Me was so in awe, me mouth dropped open and me forgotten to take a picture in front of Morgan. But that is allright, cause Berry gave me this one for my weblog...

Isn't she just amazing...

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Cookies Summer Holiday

Hey everybody,

Cookie is nice and relaxed, because of his summer vacation in L'Escala in Spain.
Ola is the way they say Hello, and Spanish cookies are delicious!
But me loved the ocean the most. Me love watching it rolling on the beach. And the best was watching it at night!

Ah... me had a great relaxing vacation... Me is glad me have the pictures!