Monday, May 25, 2015

Cookie loves art

Me love Art! Me even loves to paint a chocolat chip cookie once in a while. But me also loves to go to a museum and ponder away while looking at statues and paintings. Last week me went to the Van Gogh Museum and to the Statuepark Anningahof because Berry needed to go there for her work. Me tagged along happily ofcourse. Because me sure do Love me some art! Especially when it is this adorable as Grazzly, the grass bear. (photos by: Berry de Nijs)

At the Annigahof there were lots of different statues made by a variety of artists. Me loved that there was art for people who like abstract art, but also there were some things kids would enjoy. Like Grazzly, Little Ponies and these Stacked Airplanes. Me had lots of fun there. All pictures were taken at the Anningahof. It was too crowded to do a Cookie Report picture at the Van Gogh Museum, although that was much fun too. Me love his Sunflowers and Starry Night paintings very much.

Me was singing and humming during these trips. Me sure do love some art

Friday, May 15, 2015

Me favorite Holiday

HAPPY CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DAY! Me is gonna celebrate in STYLE. And then me must find the brave person who made this day a holiday. A... me favorite cookie has its own holiday. How cool is that. After some Chocolate Chip Cookie appreciation me is going to eat a whole batch of me fave cookie. Will you be celebrating too? If you want, share some pictures with me!




Aaaa that was delicious!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dutch Sesamestreet: Meet Pino

Hello! Me is back with a new introduction of a neighbour on the Dutch Sesamestreet: Pino. Me mentioned Pino before during the Dutch alphabet (remember P is for…), but now me will properly introduce him. Pino (you pronounce it as Pee-no) is a very big, blue bird. He is the cousin of Big Bird. Pino has colourful feathers on top of his head. He may be tall and a goofball, but he is just a little kid too. Pino is only four years old.

Pino likes to play with Tommie and Ieniemienie. They are the best friends, but sometimes they outsmart him because of the age difference. He used to sleep in a big nest – me loved that – but after the street got renovated he lost his nest and now he sleeps at the beach. The big bird may be blue, but he has a uplifiting spirit. He likes to sing, play and use his imagination. Also he loves to cuddle. He likes to cuddle and play with Purk (a baby piglet me will tell more about next time). Pino is very sensitive, but that makes him so loveable. He loves to giggle a lot. No body giggles like Pino. And he is known for his catch phrase: ‘Echt waar?’ (Really?).

Me love Pino and his friends. On Youtube you can watch him sing or play. Make sure to search for Pino and Sesamstraat and just enjoy this feathery and blue cutee on Dutch Sesame Street.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Beware of lions…

Hi there. Me have been travelling around a lot lately and me is keeping a journal, but me no had any time to write a blog about it. So… me start today with a little blog about a zoo in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Me know me said me would blog about Dutch stuff, but me like going to zoos in other countries next to the Netherlands too. And hey, it is me blog, right. This zoo is called ZOOM Erlebniswelt and it is in Gelsenkirchen. It was so beautiful and big, me no did see anything yet, but Berry promised me we would go back soon. Me shall tell a little about it.

First the zoo is divided in three parts: Alaska (or the Arctic with pieces of Alaska, Canada and Greenland), Africa and Asia. Me no have seen Asia yet though. The Alaska part was gorgeous. Me felt like me was a Mountie riding a horse through the Canadian Rockies or something. And it was just like me walked through the Arctic with the Polar Bears and such. Me loved it!

After a nice long walk we grabbed a bite to eat before we go to Africa. Me love Africa wildlife, with the majestic giraffes and crazy chimpanzees. But me love lions too. It felt like me travelled to Africa in just a second of time and me loved it. There was this sign, saying ‘Do not cross, Beware of Lions’. Me was hoping the lions would be in there home instead of walking just out and about. So me was really careful. Until me found the lions. Well, the lionesses. They were so LAZY! Me loved it. Me wanted to jump into the habitat to have a snooze, but Berry told me, me no could do that. They looked cute right. Beware of Lions… me is no going to believe that warning sign no more…

Well, that was my little story about this amazing zoo. Until next time!

Monday, May 04, 2015

Remembrance Day

Today it is May 4th. For the Dutch it is a very important day. Because today it is Remembrance Day. The day all people take two minutes two remember all the fallen since World War II in silence. Every May 4th at 8 pm sharp there will be beautiful ceremonies all over the country. The one Amsterdam is shown on tv and counts as the National ceremony. Our King and Queen will attend this ceremony, together with war veterans from World War II and people of the resistance.

But also veterans from other wars and missions will be there. And the fallen will be remembered. After the two minutes of remembering in silence the national anthem – Het Wilhelmus – will be played on a trumpet. Me sure is glad me is wearing a sweater today. Because it gives me goose bumps every time.

Me think it is very important to remember the fallen that have fought for the Dutch freedom. Me think it also very important to remember that being free is not obvious and should not be taken for granted. Is also very important to keep respecting everybody’s differences. So me will be silent and not eat a cookie at 8 pm tonight for two whole minutes. Just to show respect for everybody who fights for freedom and does not take it for granted.

O and May 5th there will be a nationwide party. Because then the Dutch celebrate Liberation Day. The day the country officially was freed from the occupation. So… the flag will be at the top of the flagpole and me will go out and party. Or just stay at home with some delicious cookies.