Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Earth Hour: lights off for Mother Earth

Hi everybody! Me featured with an article again in Pet's Mews again. This time it all about Earth Hour. You will join us too for Earth Hour again right? To reach as many people and plushies you can read the article here too.

Hi everybody! Me back here in Pet’s Mews with some important news. March 25th 2017 it will be Earth Hour again. Me always celebrate Earth Hour with me friends. Last year me did the #cookiereportearthhour where me asked if you all wanted to help me by posting a picture of you during your Earth Hour. It was a great success (you can read all about it on me blog if you simply click here). This year me hope you all will join in again. But first me will tell you more about Earth Hour.

Friday, March 10, 2017

A is for… the Altravelalphabet

Me have to admit! Me love doing alphabets almost as much as me love eating cookies. Well… almost. Me buddy Dušana, also known of the Instagram account Altravelbunny, celebrated his birthday by exploring the Alphabet with words that are associated with traveling, wonder, nature and the environment. Dušana have been travelling the world, swapping humans on the go, for quite some time before returning home to his human friend, so he has seen a lot of the world. So celebrating his birthday he took us on a trip around the Alphabet all February. It was awesome to spend time and thought in this alphabet. Because me loved the #altravelalphabet so much, me wanted to show you all me pictures me used for Dušana’s alphabet with you in an article. Me hope you will love it too!