Friday, March 10, 2017

A is for… the Altravelalphabet

Me have to admit! Me love doing alphabets almost as much as me love eating cookies. Well… almost. Me buddy Dušana, also known of the Instagram account Altravelbunny, celebrated his birthday by exploring the Alphabet with words that are associated with traveling, wonder, nature and the environment. Dušana have been travelling the world, swapping humans on the go, for quite some time before returning home to his human friend, so he has seen a lot of the world. So celebrating his birthday he took us on a trip around the Alphabet all February. It was awesome to spend time and thought in this alphabet. Because me loved the #altravelalphabet so much, me wanted to show you all me pictures me used for Dušana’s alphabet with you in an article. Me hope you will love it too!

A is for Adventure. This was an awesome adventure in Bretagne last Summer. Me love going on adventure with altravelalphabet too!
B is for Boat. Okay this one no will go far but me love going somewhere on a boat. Especially when it goes to Texel!

C is for Coddiwomple. C is for Cookie but also for Coddiwomple and me thinks riding a rhino just wandering without a destination just adventure is a good coddiwomple right Dušana?
D is for Discovery. The question is who discovered who? Me love this alphabet Dušana now me can use so many older pictures!

E is for Environment. Me once helped cleaning up the beach in Egmond aan Zee (Egmond by the sea) and after 2 hours our group already had pulled so much junk out of the sand. Mostly nets and plastic. Me even found a fuse and a broken lightbulb! Me hopes everybody will be nicer to our planet!
F is for Friends. And although me have many at home me also have many worldwide. Me got the mails to prove it!

G is for Go car Free in the altravelalphabet When Berry can she takes the train to travel to other parts of the country. With me ofcourse!
H in the altravelalphabet is for Health. We think it very healthy to go outside and take a hike. Breathe in some fresh air. Me also thinks that good for your mental health. And if not... Then me is here for a cuddle!

I is for Imagination! Here me sits at Hagrids cubbard with magical books with googly eyes. Me imagined Hagrid and his dog were there telling me stories about all the magical creatures he knows!
SNOW!!!! We have actual snow. And it stays on the ground and the trees and and and... Me soooo happy!!! Me also would like to add J is for Journey!

K is for Knapsack and that is easy!!! Me is a backpack meself!!! Best way to travel everywhere with Berry. This is an old picture though before me eye sight was restored, before me wore clothes all the time and Berry was still a blonde hihi
L is for Livsnjutare. Dušana says its Swedish and it means live life deeply and love life. Me thinks that is a nice word to live by. We still had snow today. Me loved it.

M is for Mail in the altravelalphabet by Dušana. Well... Me love sending out mails and getting loads of mails too. Me will be sending some out again soon!
N is for Nature and National Park. This park is not a national park but it is close to me home. In the background you see me little doggy buddy. He can run around without a leash here. We love to walk in nature and try to do so as much as me can.

O is for Outdoors and P is for Picnic & parties in the altravelalphabet this picture shows it all. We were picnicking outdoors during a party!
Q is for Quixotic in the altravelalphabet Me thinks this view counts right Dušana? It is a picture from 2014 taken in Monclar de Quercy (also a Q) in France.

R is for responsibility says the altravelalphabet. R is also for recreation and recycling! On Sunday we alway go to the recycle point to bring our plastic away! And also our paper.
S is for Solivagant says the altravelalphabet me bestie Berry loves to go on a trip on her own - well always with me ofcourse - to clear her head and sometimes just be alone and collect her feelings. She loves to take pictures of me when we go out and about. This is a picture of 2013 (we thinks) look how young me looks hihi. Her solo outings are the reason me have me own blog 💙🍪

The next letter in the altravelalphabet is T for train! Berry and me love to travel by train because it nice and relaxed. Me love to sit on the table and look out the window while listening to some music. In the back you see another train. Dutch trains are yellow with blue.
U is for underground in the altravelalphabet but in the city where me live there is no underground but... There is a bus company called U OV. The U stands for Utrecht and OV for openbaar vervoer which is Dutch for public transportation. So here you see me on the bus going into the historic heart of Utrecht.

V is for Voyage. Me love to go on a voyage on a Veerboot. That the Dutch word for Ferry. With this boat me traveled to the Dutch island Texel! And on the island we always coddiwomple. Hihi
W is for Walking in the altravelalphabet Me love to walk... Well... Berry walks me just hitch a piggy back ride. Hihi. But we love it. Walking is good for your health and the environment. Sometimes we just coddiwomple stroll or take a brisk walk... This picture was taling on the 11th of this month when we had a snowday. A good reason to go for a walk too!

X is for Xenodochial in the altravelalphabet it means you are not afraid to make new friends. Me make new friends almost everyday. People and animals love me. This is a baby bonobo who seemed to like me too! This picture was taken a few years ago at Apenheul.
Y is for yuugen in the altravelalphabet by Dušana. It means sonething like wonder, deep, mystery and a little magical me thinks. Me thought back to when me visited a Spanish butterfly garden back in june 2007. This was a yuugen moment for me... Wow

Z is for Zdrova in the altravelalphabet hosted by Dušana. Zdrova means Hello. So... Zdrova miss Walrus! Me sad such a happy word is the last one of the alphabet... Me had so much fun posting these new and old pictures. Thanks for learning us new words. Maybe me will write a blog about it Dušana!

Thank you again for hosting this amazing event Dušana! You taught me many new words! Me hope we will meet one day to coddiwomple in no particular direction!
Well, that is me blog for now. See you all soon. Big hugs!

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Hope Friend said...

This is a beautiful recollection of the fu Altravelaphabet! I was so fun and interesting and educational to see everyone's entries. Thanks for sharing yours all right here on one page!