Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Having a Day of Vacation at the Vacation Expo

Since me bestie Berry is a freelance text writer and blogger, she has visited many great expo’s, openings, zoos and museums. For the third year in a row now she took me to ‘de Vakantiebeurs’, or Vacation Expo in Dutch. This expo is huge in the Netherlands and is visited by many people, also from abroad. It starts on Tuesday with a day for press and professionals and ends on Sunday. So it takes up almost a week! The purpose of the expo is that travel bureaus promote their accommodations and destinations so you can find the vacation of your dreams. It awesome. You can travel the whole world… in just one day!

Berry went two days. Once on the Professionals Day on Tuesday and once on Thursday for a follow up day, just to enjoy it with when the normal visitors are there too. Me went along, of course, and had so much fun! Me got to see so many cool things. Me went on Safari in Africa, saw a statue from Easter Island, hugged a tiny dolphin, met Hello Kitty and had so much fun with Fox and Owl from de Achterhoek (a region of the Netherlands they represented at the expo). They really loved me! Especially the Fox hugging and tickling me tummy every time we ran in to each other. It was so much fun! Me love making new friends. Also me enjoyed a little downtime at the Beach. It was so relaxing.

Yes me like the Vacation Expo. Me hope me can go again next year!