Thursday, January 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday: At the Zoo

Me love to sometimes flip back through me blog archive and look at some nice pictures. Because me goes to the zoo a lot me decided to make a picture archive on the left. And ofcourse use this Throwback Thursday to show some of me fave old zoo pictures too.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Cookies Wardrobe

Me is one lucky monster indeed. Me have a best friend (you know her, her name is Berry) who takes me to all these nice places. And she makes me clothes. You must have seen me FC Utrecht shirt she made me over 12 years ago, all by hand. That was the first of a nice wardrobe me like to share with you. The last post about me nice wardrobe can be found here: Aloha from Cookie.

So in 2014 she made me a Maroon 5 logo shirt to accompany her to the concert. At the end of the same year she knitted me a blue christmas/winter sweater.

Last year we went to see Maroon 5 again and Berry no could find the pink V shirt. So... she made me a new one with a blue V. Also she made me a Dolphin-Aloha shirt to wear in the Summer.

But that is not all. This summer me even got a yellow Tour de France jersey, in september Berry knitted a lilac sweater with brown chocolate chip cookies and in December a new red Christmas sweater with white snowflakes. She even knitted me matching booties. And this year she made me a very special sweater me will be wearing this years Earth Hour in March. O boy o boy me no can wait for that! She said me will be wearing it to the zoo some time too. Cool huh. She is making some knitted matching booties too.

Me no think she will leave it with this. She loves to knit and me love her knitting. She is making a long scarf with chocolate chip cookies and blue cookie monsters for herself right now. But that is a loooong project, so me is positive she will knit more for me too. Me no can wait for that!
Do you have a best friend who makes you clothes?

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Fun in the sun at the Winter Dolfinarium

Me made a nice rhyme right. Well it is because me had a lot of fun in the sun at the Dolfinarium (dolphinarium) here in the Netherlands. Me like to visit and have blogged about it a lot over the years. Berry like to take me because she likes to share the experience with me. And… she uses me as bait. Me no mind though. Because when me sits near the glass at the underwater panorama me always get extra close to the dolphins and walruses. And they are so lovely! Me wish me could put on me wetsuit and swim with them.

Well, on December 29th we went to the Dolfinarium again and ofcourse the zoo was in Holiday spirit. There were lights everywhere and decorated trees. But the only snow visible was the fake snow on the trees and garlands that were decorating the park. There were skis and sleighs though… me wanted to sleigh on the beach, but we no could. So me just took a picture with it. As well with me big Walrus and Dolphin friends. O and ofcourse me played Christmas Ornament with this big blue glass ball. If you look closely you can even see Berry taking me picture!

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. We had so much fun watching the beautiful animals swim and play in the water. And yes, as always Berry used me as bait to attract the animals to come over for a picture. They no were really interested this time (maybe because it was really crowded under the water with people) but she did manage to take a nice picture.

Well… we had a great day again. Me is glad me got a lot of pictures to enjoy it over and over again. Bye bye for now.