Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fun in Oberhausen with Lego’s and SeaLife

It already a while ago, but me had so much fun me needed to do a blog about it anyway. On March 1st Berry took her brother, his wife and kids with her to Oberhausen in Germany. You see, she had a press thingy for her blog and this time she could share it with everybody. So after rubbing the sleep out of me googly eyes – we had to get up real early – we took a road trip to Germany. It promised to be a very fun day!
pictures by Berry de Nijs

First stop in Oberhausen was the Legoland Discovery Centre. They had Batman weeks there, but we also did everything else there. Me will tell you about it. First we got a short factory tour. The whole factory was built with Legos ofcourse. The factory told us how Legos are made. That was cool. After the tour we entered the hall with the minicity also built with Legos. That was so much fun. Me felt like a real giant. Me was all like “HELLLOOOOOO little people! It me! Cookie!” whispering to the little Lego People. It was great. Me saw so much. Even a football match and a concert.

Then it was play time! We had fun at the Kings Adventure shooting with lasers on numerous targets from our Medieval Lego like dragon wagons. Also me met Batman (the Lego Movie one and another one), Darth Vader and Harry Potter. Me especially liked Hermione. She was so sweet. Me got stuck inside a lion but the sweet Lego Friends helped me out. It was really very much fun!

After a fun morning and afternoon we also went to SeaLife Oberhausen as part of the program. It right next door to Legoland and you can even buy combined tickets. SeaLife is an Aquarium with lots of sea fishees, sweet water fishees and even otters. Me loved SeaLife very much. Me saw really pretty fishees, fun sea horses and little garden eels. There was an amazing sea turtle, beautiful rays and magnificent sharks! You must know me bestie Berry is really scared of sharks. So standing in the tunnel filming me was a huge thing for her. Me told her it was all okay. Me think me helped her get over her fear a little bit more.

Me had a great day! Me can recommend it to all of you. Oh and make sure you visit Centro too. This large mall had loads of fun shops (even a Build-a-Bear) and a huge food court with all nommy places you can find food. Well me hope you liked me blog about Legoland Discovery Centre and SeaLife in Oberhausen. Bye bye for now!

If you like (and can read Dutch) than you can read Berry her blog about the day at her website: Legoland Discovery Centre & SeaLife Oberhausen: Superleuk dagje uit in Nederland

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Cookie at the Keukenhof ~ part 1

As you may know me bestie Berry is a writer slash blogger slash reporter (hey, me learned all me reporting skills from her, cuz she also a writing coach). For her blog she gets invited to all kinds of exciting events. So… at the first day of Spring – March 21 – she took me to Keukenhof in Lisse for the pre-opening of the well… new season of the Keukenhof. And it was soooo cool! Me saw so many flowers and even Nijntje lives there! Me was also very happy me no did had to walk...

For who not know what Keukenhof is me will explain. Keukenhof is a large estate with a very large garden. It very very large and huge. And there are all these spring flowers to enjoy for only 8 weeks. There were daffodils, crocuses in all different colours and… TULIPS. As far as me googly eyes could see in all shapes, sizes and colours. Especially at the Willem-Alexander Pavillion. Berry called it Tulip Heaven. And me totally agree.

During the opening there were loads of festivities. These sweet ladies even framed me as a piece of art! You must know the theme of the flower park this year is Dutch Design, because the art style of the Dutch artists Mondriaan and Rietveld called ‘De Stijl’ is celebrating a birthday this year. Cool huh.

Me really loved it at Keukenhof! So many pretty flowers! The park is really beautiful and popular. Many tourists from all over the world come to see the flowers in bloom. Too bad it will close again after May 21st. The best thing is, Berry went again and we will be going again too very soon! Me loves it. So me gonna tell you more about the park soon too hihi. So bye bye for now and me will tell you soon about me second adventure at Keukenhof!

Dutchies or people who can read Dutch, you can find Berry her blog about the opening of Keukenhof on her website: Keukenhof 2017: genieten van Dutch Design & bloemenpracht

Monday, April 10, 2017

Earth Hour 2017: Thanks for loving Momma Earth

March 25th we all came together all over the world and celebrated Earth Hour. Me plushie Instagram Friends also joined in, like last year. Thank you all! You made it an Earth Hour to remember again! Me used me plushie friend photos in this blog. Please know they not mine. If you see a picture that belongs to you and you no want to be posted here, let me know. Me will take it down. In the meantime: Enjoy our awesome Earth Hour with me plushie friends from all over the world!