Friday, August 29, 2014

Almost party time

Okay, me is supposed to post a blog about the Dutch Alphabet today, but me really want to tell something important. Next Monday (September 1st) it is my friend Berry her birthday (if you want to say Happy Birthday, just tweet her at @coegie). So, instead of talking about words starting with the letter P (which me will do next week), me wanted to show a picture of me and Berry with some Pancakes (pannenkoeken in Dutch, but again, me will talk about that next week). Me is hoping for a great birthday. Because me came to her on her birthday too!

O boy, now me hope we have pancakes!

Friday, August 22, 2014

O is for...

…oranje (orange)!. Oranje is the Dutch national and royal colour. They often speak of the Oranjes (the Oranges) when the Dutch speak about the beloved Royal Family, but also when they are talking about the national sporters and athletes. Oranje is also the colour of oranjebitter (a liquor made of oranges) and used as a part of the name of oranjekoeken (orange cookies). They are pink though… and eaten at weddings in Friesland. The spicey cookie is enriched with some almond paste, pink icing and whipped cream and fruit. But you can also buy cookie pieces at the local supermarket.

Oranjebitter/ oranjekoeken

O boy, o boy. How about oliebollen (Dutch doughnuts)? They are a Dutch New Year’s Eve treat filled with raisins and apple pieces. Om nom nom nom! Me know it is August, but this is really a treat me look forward to every year. For breakfast the Dutch like to eat ontbijtkoek (gingerbread) with a little butter on top. Meat lovers like to eat ossenworst (sausage made from beef). You can eat it on a sandwich or just in slices for a birthday or party treat.

Ontbijtkoek / ossenworst
Top: oliebollen

Last but not least, me will tell about a great animal whose name starts with O: olifant (elephant). Me especially love the family living at DierenPark Amersfoort. There is a big male elephant, two adult females and two little ones, a boy and a girl. It is so great to just look at them play with the water and the sand. Me love it.

Next week me will talk about the letter P! And boy o boy me have a lot to talk about then. Till next week!

Friday, August 15, 2014

N is for...

… noga (nougat)! A yummy treat often found in old candyshops or at the fair or carny covered in a thin layer of chocolat. Om nom nom! Me started off great on this yummy letter. The noga diamond is often wrapped in colourful tinfoil paper. Easy to hold on to the noga without the chocolate melting on your paw. That is nice right. (noga diamond)

You know what also is Dutch and yummy? The nasischijf (fried rice with spices in a crunchy crust, like the corquette). It is often eaten with fries! Also very Dutch is nuchter (down to earth), a state of mind often associated with the Dutch. They are not very out there – well not everyone is like that, but most Dutch are very down to earth. O, and me should almost forget that Nederland (the Nederlands) also start with the letter N!

Nasischijf / Nederland

And to conclude me Alphabet for today, me want to share some pictures from animals that start with the letter N. There is the nijlpaard (hippo) and the neushoorn (rhino). Two gorgeous animals that live at the zoos right here in the Netherlands. Aren’t they beautiful?

Nijlpaard (Dierenpark Emmen) / Neushoorn (DierenPark Amersfoort)

Well, that was me letter N of the Dutch Alphabet. Next week everything will be turned a certain Dutch colour starting with the letter O. Bu-bye for now!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Baby Bonobos Love Sesame Street too!

Last Friday me met the little Tigers, but did you know bonobo babies love Sesame Street too? Me sat at the window of their bedroom just before these beautiful animals would go to bed. They were already getting ready for bed. And like little children it is okay to watch a little Sesame Street before bedtime, right. So me sat for the window and me told a little bedtime story. Me thinks this little ape kinda liked it, because he stayed put for the whole story. Me just love it at Apenheul!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Baby Tigers Love Sesame Street!

O boy O boy! Last Friday the 8th of August me went to DierenPark Amersfoort again. But this time for whole different purpose. Well… not entirely, me still went to see gorgeous animals. But last Friday was extra special, because it was the day the baby tigers would play outside for the very first time since their birth. The triplets got their names too. They are now known as Nicolai, Fedor and Sergei. The triplets are adorable and so nosey. The immediately went out to scout the new environment. They even got close to the window to say hi to me. Isn’t this one cute! Thanks to Angela of VTL Photography me got some extra pictures of this encounter. Also one where the little one is sneaking up on me. O, me is in love with these cute cubs!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

World Lion Day

Hello everyone. Me know me always post funny and nice stuff. But every once in a while little cookie monsters will have to be a little serious. Today it World Lion Day. Me love these lions from DierenPark Amersfoort. His name is Tonga and the female feline is called Sabari. Me told me more about here already. Me love to look at the lions. But in the wild lions are becoming endagerend. And that is sad. So please take some time to learn more about the dangers the lions are in and help out where you can. So the zoo won't be the only place where we can look at these beautiful feline friends. Thank you!

Friday, August 08, 2014

M is for...

…molen (windmill)! There are a lot of windmills in the Netherlands, like at Kinderdijk. Windmills were used for the wind energy. That energy was used to grain wheats (and such) to make flour for baking bread and cookies! There were other windmills too, like to use the wind energy to saw wood and such. A lot of old windmills are still preserved in cities, towns and in the country. The old ones are usually used as museum (museum is the same in Dutch and English) or are a monument (monument is also a M-word that is the same in both languages). There are also a lot of modern windmills that make wind energy to use to get electricity for homes and computers. (molen)

Cookies made from flour go really well with melk (milk). Me love milk. Especially when it is cold and me have chocolate chip cookies to go with it. A real breakfast sausage is metworst. Sliced it can be put on bread, but sometimes it is also a treat on birthdays to present to guest. Speaking of birthdays. When a baby is born the Dutch eat muisjes (mouses) on biscuits to celebrate it. Muisjes are little coneshaped sprinkled made out of anise seed. A little ‘tail’ sticks out, that is why it is called mouses. For a boy they eat blue and white ones and for a girl it is a mix of pink and white.

Metworst / Muisjes
Top: melk

To decorate cakes and cookies the Dutch also like to use marsepein (marzipan). They also use it to make cute and tasty figurines for the celebration of Sinterklaas (me will come back on that later this year) or for cake decorations. To decorate fries the Dutch use mayonaise (mayonnaise).

Marsepein / Mayonaise

After all the yummy words, me will conclude with an animal that is furry and cute and in Dutch its species begin with the letter m: Maki (lemur). There are a lot of different kind of lemurs, but this family lives in Amersfoort and me visits them a lot. So… my sweet makis! (picture taken by Berry de Nijs, DierenPark Amersfoort.

Well, that concludes the letter M. O boy, we are halfway through me Dutch Alphabet! And me is not finished talking about all kinds of yummy things. Next week the letter N will be served on a platter of sweets and typical Dutch things.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Puppy love

Today it is a very special day. On this day Berry, exactly 19 years ago, got a new friend in her life: Bassie. Me got to know him as a true friend who loved me as a pillow. Me and Bassie often saw eye to eye, like here in the picture. Bassie passed away on March 29 2012 and is still dearly missed. It was a very special dog me liked to share me cookies with. Although me love Sammie very much, me love to honor my first doggy friend since me came to stay with Berry: Bassie.

Friday, August 01, 2014

L is for...

…leeuw (lion). Here you see Sabari the leeuwin (lioness). She is the Queen of DierenPark Amersfoort. Me love lions, they are so majestic and gorgeous. Sabari’s husband is the magnificent Tonga. They do not have any leeuwenwelpen (lion cubs), but at Dierenpark Emmen they do. Me love watching them and me thinks they quite like me too. O and did you know the Dutch word for love is liefde. Yes, that also starts with the letter L! (leeuwin Sabari)

Leeuw Tonga / Leeuwenwelp
(lion pictures all made by Berry de Nijs)

Another animal me love very much is the lam (lamb). Baby sheep are real soft and cuddly. The Dutch like to eat lammetjespap (lamb’s porridge). NO! It is not made out of soft and cuddly lambs! It is some kind of porridge made out of flour, milk, a pinch of salt and some brown sugar. It was given to babies in the old days after the breast feeding period. But it still is eaten as a light porridge when children or older people need to get well.

Lam / lammetjespap

Also very yummy is a lekkerbekje (baked cod) that is often eaten with a special sauce. Me like it with fries and a cool tall glass of lemonade (lemonade). The Dutch like ranja or grenadine for their lemonade.

Lekkerbekjes / limonade

But me would not be a nice little cookie monster if me did not put some cookies or candies in my blog. L is also for lolly (lollipop), lange vinger (some kind of Dutch cookie, also known as lady finger) and Limburgse vlaai (pie from Limburg). Me love all kinds of vlaai, especially with fruit, custard and some whipped cream… But there is also vlaai with cookies, vlaai with chocolate mousse, vlaai with peach... there are really a lot of different pies from Limburg!

Lange vinger / Limburgse vlaai
Above: lolly

And with that me concludes another yummy episode of Cookies Dutch Alphabet! Next week: the letter M of Mmmmmm!