Saturday, June 02, 2018

Cookies Blogging Friends: Hope

Did you know there are more cuddly friends who have their own BLOG? Me learned that because of Instagram. There are elephants, horses, bears and cats who like to tell more about their travels, life or other important stuff on there. It awesome. And me loves it. With two of me friends me will be guest blogging. So stay tuned for some super duper awesome pawsome blogs the coming weeks from me blogging Instagram friends. Me also want to tell you more about me blogging friends, so before you can read a blog written by me friends, me gonna introduce them to you all. O and do you have a blog too and you are a plushie or toy, then drop me a message so me can feature you too. (picture by Berry de Nijs)

About Me

Name: Hope Friend
Name of website:
Age: Vint-age
Hobbies: flower picking, coloring, tea parties, paw-making stuff, dancing, singing
Favorite Cookie: Snickerdoodles unless there’s a warm peanut butter and chocolate cookie with oozing peanut butter or chocolate one available. OH! And then there are sand tarts or butter horns. OH NO! WAIT! There’s also shortbread! And gingerbread…gosh, I guess my favorite cookie is whatever is available. Teehee (I do not care for white chocolate chips in my cookies though).

About My Blog

My blog is mostly my UN-SECRET Diary. I write stuff about my boss bear business, my adventures (if I get to leave Honey Grove), my crafting paw-made stuff. Elle likes posting her stories about Honey Grove on the blog. So, I guess it’s a shared blog between me (a teddy bear) and her (a hooman). One time, I was writing my post while traveling on an airplane and we had some turbulence. Elle said we had to put away the compooter and so we tried to write with our paws/hands. We honestly thought we would be able to remember what we wrote because our handwriting was so bad because of the turbulence. Well, we didn’t’ remember and we couldn’t decipher any of our writing. We had to toss it all away.

I started my blog last summer (2017), I think. Or it could’ve been last week or 100 years ago. I’m not too good keeping up with days and times. I started the blog because I started a bear business and I wanted others to read about my adventures being a boss bear (because I think I’m the only boss bear in the world??). Anyway, that’s mostly what my blog is about; being a boss bear and having adventures. And some ElleM stories. OH! And sometimes some tasty treat recipes. I also have an online store called Bears Howse Mercantile. But it really isn’t my store, it’s Brownie and Clementine’s. They are the Mercantile owners in Honey Grove and I offered them a place on the internet highway. I prefer to write about adventures or something I’m working on. Elle likes telling Honey Grove Stories. I don’t really have a favorite blog article that I wrote, but I do like to read Elle’s stories. I especially like the one about Barry Barnes.

Blogger magic is when the voice of the blogger is heard (read) and makes the story seem as if the reader is truly experiencing it with the writer. And I hope I have that magic. If I do (and even if I don’t), I would want everyone to read my blog because I’m not sure there are other teddy bears out there blogging and it’s how one can get different perspective on things. I also know that Honey Grove is a fun place and I would hope others would want to read about my little township.

Instagram: @honeygrovebears
Facebook: Bears of Honey Grove
On the Web:


Hope Friend said...

OH wow!! writing is very broken here. I was just answering the question air. Oops... but it's ok. It's at least understandable.


Cookie Report said...

Hihi! Me loved your answers so much we no did moderate them. It shows your personality hihi

Big hugs!

Unknown said...

Oh, I love it, Hope and Cookie. It's such a great idea xxx