Thursday, July 05, 2007

Holiday in Spain

Part 2 ~ Butterfly park

During the vacation me went to the Butterfly Park in Castello d'Empuries. It was a small garden inside a big greenhouse. It was hot and sweaty, but it was so beautiful to be there. Me saw big blue butterflies. Little black and red ones, occupying a big bush full of red and orange flowers. Me saw a black one with limegreen spots. And this one...

It was the biggest butterfly me has ever seen! And it was so beautiful. It looked like it was real soft and coloured with a colouring pencil or something. It almost no did look real. But she was real. Well, me thinks it was a she... Me stared at it for a long time with my googly eyes. It was so lovely.

In the greenhouse there were more different things to see, small tropical birds, a cubbard full of cocoons and a movie about butterflies. Me did no see the movie thought, me liked the real thing muchos better!

Well, there are more things to talk about, according this park. But me will talk about that later. Just watch this picture for a while... me has not got tired of it yet...

Adios for now.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Holiday in Spain

PART 1 ~ Water legend

Yes yes. Me is back from my Holiday in Spain. And me have seen a lot of nice places. And me will be talking about them the coming weeks. Today me will talk about the camping me went to.

The Camping is called Mas Nou and this is Spanish for Mermaid. And offcourse the mascot of the campingsite is a mermaid. The beautiful statue is sitting at the gate of the site, between green grass and bushes, holding a big hornshaped shell, while watching everybody who is leaving the camping with a silent smile.

Me really liked this theme. Especially when the ocean is so nearby. This little mermaid can be seen through the whole village though. The cityblock the campingsite can be found is called Mas Nou too. And in the village loads of mosaics and other artforms were dedicated to the mermaid.

It was nice. But not as nice as the silent mermaid, watching everybody walk or drive by...