Friday, October 23, 2015

Happy World Snowleopard Day!

O boy! It is another World Animal Day today. This time it is all for the magnificent Snowleopards. Me have only encountered them once when me visited a Zoo in France last year. Me told all about it in Zooreport: Zoo des 3 Vallées. Me thought they were so majestic and just beautiful. This day is important though, because Snowleopards are losing their natural habitats. And that is just sad. So me hope this day helps to remember to save Snowleopards all over the world!

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Happy World Animal Day

It is the 4th of October and you know what that means: it is World Animal Day. Or as the Dutch call it: Wereld Dierendag. It is mostly a day for pets to get a little extra attention, but all animals should get more attention today. In our house our doggy celebrates World Animal Day everyday. Because he is treated like a little prince. To celebrate World Animal Day me made a collage with only 9 of me favorite animal pictures. Happy World Animal Day everybody!