Monday, December 27, 2010

Me is delicious!

Me hopes you had a great Christmas. Me had a great Christmas too. With all kinds of delicious Christmas cookies and Christmas chocolates... But at the HeroClix Christmas Party me got a little taste of... ME!

Berry made this delicious Cranberry Cookie Cake, covered in yummy marzipan! Yes...

Isn't me scrumptious? Berry felt a little guilty slicing the cake up though...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thank you very much!

December 18th my dream came true: me was guest starring on SNL! Singing with Jeff Brdges lovely song of Silver Bells! Check it out!

So... me say thank you!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cookie needs your help

Cookie wants to host Saturday Night Live! Can you help me?
Just go to the Facebook page

Me say thank you!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ice skating

A real Dutch sport is Speedskating. Although it is popular in other countries too, the Dutch really rule at it. The Dutch can get excited to watch others skate 10.000 meters in an iceskating stadium. Me did not understand until Berry dragged me to Thialf in Heerenveen on 7th of November to go and watch the Dutch Nationals. And now me understands! It is awesome. Those men and women are so fast me did not know where to look. Me loved it. And the band in between was awesome too. It was one great party and me watched in awe when the skaters were skating faster and faster!
The 10.000 meters were a highlight of the day, even as the 1.500 meters were we could see Olympic Champion Mark Tuitert race his heart out... and unfortunately came in second after Simon Kuipers. But it didn't matter.
It was a great Sunday! Maybe me wants to learn iceskating too :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why all houses should be made out of gingerbread...

Too bad there was an old lady living there... with her black cat... and two children, who looked rather sad... Me did not understand why... there was enough candy for everybody.

Ah well... me had a wonderful time and next time... me will EAT the HOUSE! Cause me don't see anything wrong in eating a lovely house like that...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Magnificent Morgan

Hello everybody. Here is Cookie Monster again with me 100th report! And because me wants to thank everyone who made it possible, me wants to share a beautiful creature at this memorable moment.

Yes. Me told you last time, me was hoping me would see Morgan up close and personal one day. Well... my dream came true. Last Monday Berry literally dragged me to the Dolfinarium, not talking much - or even singing in the car - because she was really really nervous. And me hadn't a clue!

Well... my cluelessness was over when we went through a gate, passed some blue fenced walls and saw... Morgan, the saved killerwhale. Me was so in awe, me mouth dropped open and me forgotten to take a picture in front of Morgan. But that is allright, cause Berry gave me this one for my weblog...

Isn't she just amazing...

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Cookies Summer Holiday

Hey everybody,

Cookie is nice and relaxed, because of his summer vacation in L'Escala in Spain.
Ola is the way they say Hello, and Spanish cookies are delicious!
But me loved the ocean the most. Me love watching it rolling on the beach. And the best was watching it at night!

Ah... me had a great relaxing vacation... Me is glad me have the pictures!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Morgan the killer whale

Cookie needs to take a minute and tell you guys and girls something really important!
Everybody knows me loves to visit the Dolfinarium, Harderwijk in the Netherlands. Together with Berry, ofcourse. Last Sunday she grabbed me, told me we had to go... cause we had to see the little baby killer whale that is living there since a couple of days.

'How did she came there?' you might ask. And that is a great question. The Killer Whale - now called Morgan (Scottish name, meaning Lives by the sea) - was rescued last week by the great trainers and medical staff of SOS Dolfijn (SOS Dolphin) the rescue department of the Dolfinarium, from the Waddenzee (Wadden Sea). Morgan was starved, alone and ill... that is why the trainers and medical staff decided to just pick her up and take her with them to Harderwijk.

Now she lives there, started eating fish and squid, is treated for a loung infection and can get back to her health, thanks to all the people who are taking care of her.

Morgan the saved killer whale, courtesy of the Dolfinarium, Harderwijk

Cookie went with Berry to feel her presence, because the audience isn't allowed to watch her upclose. That is a good thing, because Morgan first has to get her strength back. Luckily they put up a webcam, so we watched her at the movietheater at the Dolfinarium. We saw her beautiful fin and face... me was in awe!

Me at the theater, totally in awe!

What a magnificent animal! And she is only 3,25 meters long and between 1,5 and 2 years old! Me was in love with Morgan... although me couldn't see her that well... We all hope she will get her strength back very soon. And after that... we will see. The trainers do want to bring her back to the ocean, but if that can happen depends on several factors. Cause she needs to catch her own fish, for one. And where is the family that she belongs too... And maybe she cannot return and she will have to stay. Well... time will be on our side. Priority 1: Morgan needs to get well! And she is in the great capable hands of the trainers and medical staff of SOS Dolfijn & Dolfinarium.

In the meantime... Cookie says bye bye and hopes he will be able to catch a glimpse of Morgan swimming... up close and personal!

Snap shot of the silver screen

Sunday, June 20, 2010

World Cup in South Africa

Hi there football fans! Or should me say Soccer fans cause some part of the world calls football soccer.

In the Netherlands it is called Voetbal (football) and the Orange coloured supporters are celebrating in the streets. Yes! Cause 'we' won twice! First with 2 goals to 0 against Denmark, and yesterday with 1 beautiful goal from Japan. Me loves the football atmosphere: everywhere you can find orange of red, white and blue flags, Beessies (mascot of Albert Heijn a supermarket in the Netherlands), hats, scarfs, feathers... everything. Me love the orange cakes, cookies, crisps and offcourse lemonades! Yes... me even made a new Orange friend, called Groot Beesie, what means Big Animal. He is like a big worm, but he likes to sing and share treats! And we can both yell for 'our' football team!

Hup Holland Hup (or: Go Holland Go!)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Queensday... again!

Here is Cookie with a new report.
Tomorrow in the Netherlands we will be celebrating Queensday again.

Queensday is the day - like when a Dutch sportsman or -girl of national sportsteam is playing - people dress up totally in Orange. Orange is the Dutch Royal colour. Some others will add some colours from the Dutch flag - red, white and blue - by painting flags on their cheeks.

At this day, we celebrate the birthday of the Queen. Queen Beatrix is born in January, so... it is a little late to celebrate it in April. Yes, me can hear you thinking all through the computer and Internet network. Actually Queen Beatrix decided to stick with the 30th of April when she became Queen, to honor her mothers birthday. This was Queen Juliana, who has passed away some years ago...

Anyhow... this is the day people go celebrating in the streets. This evening the Vrijmarkt - freemarket - in Utrecht already started and the party is starting in Rotterdam and Den Haag - The Hague - too. It is called Queensnight - Koninginnenacht - and you can party all night long. At the Vrijmarkt you can buy used stuff from other people.

It is a fun party. During the morning the Queen and her family will visit two towns in the Netherlands by foot. Sometimes they play along with the children. It is really fun to watch. So me will be doing that again tomorrow on television. And offcourse, me will be dressed up in Orange!

Have a nice Koninginnedag.
Byebye for now.

CookieMonsters must do's on Queensday in the Netherlands:
- Wear something orange
- Do this so anyone can see it
- Paint Dutch flags on your cheeks, or paint your nails red, white, blue and orange (twice).
- Wear some funny outfits, hats or shoes... orange coloured ofcourse
- Say Long live the Queen, hurra, hurra, hurra (Lang leve de Koningin, hoezee, hoezee, hoezee...)
- Drink Orangebitter (oranjebitter), when you don't drink alcohol, only drink orange soda or orange juice... Orange tea poured in an orange glass is okay too...
- Eat oranges, carrots, orange lollipops, orange cakes (oranje tompoucen) or other food that is orange.
- Have loads of fun and party in the streets with total strangers or with friends and family
- Watch the royal family on television

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snack time?

Sometimes Cookie has to talk about the things that matter in life. Like politics, or global warming, or why Berry ate me last cookie... that sort of things. And sometimes Cookie just have to sit down, relax, eat his cookie, drink some milk and do not wonder why that dolphin in the background is grinding his teeth while he is looking at me...

... well... me can't help it, me is looking just delicious!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunset & Vulcanic Ashes

Due to volcanic ashes from the volcano in Iceland we could see a magnificent sunset in the Netherlands on 15th april. So Cookie jumped into the car with Berry, her dog Bassie and her dad to race into the fields to make a really cool Cookie Report!
The sun was setting the sky on fire, while the ashcloud bounced the light right back! It was truly spectacular! Cookie reported live from the castle of Haarzuilen. It looked like a fairytale castle. Maybe we could use it as a decor for Monsterpiece theatre?

Well. Enjoy the pictures! Me loves them... but not as much as cookies ;-)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fools...

Hi there!
Tomorrow is the 1st of April, better known as April Fools day.
Cookie like to make fun of my friends! But the pranks have to be fun for everyone! No hurting okay. So now hot sauce on cookies... or falling down piano's... or salt in the my milk... no, nothing of that.

Berry suffered a little April fools joke yesterday. She wanted to put milk in her coffee mug and she opened the pack and poured... and nothing came out! Her collegue was laughing, because the little safety cap was still closed! Berry laughed about it as well...

So... be nice when you play pranks on them... and have a nice April Fools day!

Byebye for now!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

My little friends

Cookie has a lot of friends. Bassie is one of my great friends. And so is Henkje - Berries nephew. But a full year and nine months ago another nephew saw the light of life. His name is Thomas and he is supercute - like his big brother.

He can imitate cookie very good. With the COOKIES and then MJAMJAMJAMJAMJAM (but then in Dutch) and he loves me when me is running around on dvd in my nappies... yes me loves being on the television with my childhood memories. And he loves to tickle me! That is really fun.

So... some pictures of me and my other little friend!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Funky Music

Hey Music Lovers,

Cookie is still bouncing and dancing because me have watched a really great concert. Me went to see Boris together with Jenny Lane, Caro Emerald and The Wicked Jazz Sounds. It was really really cool!

Cookie have been dancing and singing and... well... some people wanted to share a drink with me... but there weren't any cookies so me said no very politely and danced along. It is nice to hang on Berries back, so me feet would not hurt too much afterwards!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Me wishes everybody a great 2010! Me hope Cookies won't run out this year and me will have loads of adventures... these ones in 2009...