Friday, May 30, 2014

C is for...

COOKIE! That good enough for me... Unfortunately (wow long word) Dutch cookies don't start with the letter C, so for the yummy Dutch words me must talk about other stuff than cookies. But maybe… C is for chocolade (chocolate). They make all kinds of yummy things with chocolade! Like chocolate covered cookies and chocolade melk (chocolat milk). O boy O boy, me will like this letter C more than me thought! (chocolade melk)

So what else starts with the letter C that is both Dutch and delicious? O me knows! Cake starts with a C! It is different from American cake, where it is more like pie. In the Netherlands cake is just plain ol’ cake, made by Farmer’s or Grandma’s recipe. You can get a slice of vanilla, chocolate of marble cake with tea or coffee… You know, like you would eat a cookie. With cake batter you can make all kinds of delicious things like cupcakes and cakepops. Me knows they are not really Dutch, but Berries sister-in-law is and she makes the most beautiful and yummy cakepops! One time she made me (as you can see in the picture).

Me with a cakepop looking like me / cake

But enough about cake – or me gets real hungry – me also likes a slice of citroen (lemon) every once in a while. It tastes good with water and sugar when you make lemonade, or just with bubbly mineral water to get a refreshing drink for Summer. A slice of lemon is nice in some cola too. Speaking of cola (also starts with a C in English and Dutch), me love drinking it on the train, like me posted a picture on me Facebook page this week. Usually me and Berry hop on the train from het Centraal Station (the Central Station) in Utrecht to travel to other places, like Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Me loves it. The Central Station is really big and has lots of great stores. Like Starbucks, where Berry gets her coffee and a cookie for me.

Citroen / on the train at Central Station

Told ya C was for Cookie… Well that was me blog about the letter C. Next week me will talk about the letter D (surprise). It will be a treat too! Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Art made out of Lego

Me was at a very special exposition yesterday. Me thought everything was made out of candy first, but then me looked closely and me could not believe me googly eyes! Everything was made out of LEGO! You know the colorful bricks little monsters like me love to play with. All the art was made by a man named Nathan Sawaya. He was there too with the opening of the exposition. He showed everything around, telling stories about all the pieces he made by himself!

He also showed some pieces loved by children. Like Yellow cause it looks like his guts are spilling out. Me loved the candy coloured painting The Scream and the cute little polar bear. O and as a good Sesame Street Monster me loved the three men with the square, round and piramid head too. There was so much to see!

But me also loved the apples made out of Lego bricks, the huge Dinosaur and The huge Mickey Mouse painting!

The best part is the Play Zone. You can play with Lego's and build your own art. And this guy. He is blue - not fuzzy though - and very nice. You can go and take a picture with him, so me did that too. Nice huh! Only thing missing was a Cookie made out of Lego.

If you want to see more pictures or read about the Art of the Brick in Dutch, than you must visit my friends blog: Writing Berries. She wrote a nice story about it.

Well, bye bye for now.

Friday, May 23, 2014

B is for…

…Berry! Because she is my best friend and she lets me use her laptop to write me Cookie Reports. But Berry also loves the colour blauw (blue). Lucky me. The letter B can stand for a lot of yummy Dutch B-words too. Like bosbes (blueberry) and braam (blackberry). And what about brood (bread), banket (pastries) and beleg (the things you can put on a yummy sandwich). But me rather talk about the treats me can get at a banketbakkerij (pastry bakery). And boy o boy you can get a lot of goodies at the bakkerij (bakery)! (picture of Berry on top!)

Bosbes - Banketbakkerij

Let me start with boterkoek (butter cake) and bonbons (chocolates) filled with cream and marzipan. In the province of Noord-Brabant you can treat yourself to Bossche bollen (large cream puff cake covered in a thick layer of chocolat…). It is the specialty of the city of Den Bosch. Me mouth is watering already! It all is so delicious.

Bonbons – Bossche bol

Then there is also a treat made of fruit and alcohol. It’s more a treat for adults. It is called Boerenjongens (farmer boys) and Boerenmeisjes (farmer girls). Boerenjongens is made of raisins drowned in brandewijn (brandy). Boerenmeisjes are apricots in brandewijn. Sometimes you can buy them mixed together in a glass jar, if so it is called Boerenbruiloft (Farmer’s wedding). It is possible to eat the fruit – but it will make you drunk real quick – or drink the liquid. Mostly it is used in or with pancakes and icecream.

Boerenjongens & Boerenmeisjes – Boterkoek

Well before me gets a little tipsy from all this liquor, me will be focussing on more Cookie Monster friendly treats, like that Bossche bol… Om Nom Nom Nom!

Now me is hungry…
Until next week when me will talk about a very important letter of the alphabet!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My little lair

Hi again! Remember when me talked about the Rotterdam Zoo and me said Berry took soms other cute pictures of me? Well here is one of me in a cool liar. Well, it actually is a nest, made by a yellow bird. No, not Big Bird, a weaverbird. Me could sit in it for a while to rest, because Diergaarde Blijdorp (the Dutch name of the Rotterdam Zoo) is very big. What do you think of my cozy little nest?

But me saw some other stuff too. Like the big Asian Zen Garden. It was beautiful and soooo quiet. Me could hear the birdies sing, the wind blow through the leaves and just relax. It was a little neccessary too though, because this Amur leopard startled me a bit! It was a nice leopard though, yet a bit cranky because all the kiddies were tapping the glass window. Me would get cranky about that too. But it was a cool animal to watch though.

Well that concludes my adventures at the Rotterdam Zoo. Until next time!

Friday, May 16, 2014

A is for…

Hello! And a Happy Friday to you all. Me decided to start writing about typical Dutch things again, using the alphabet of course – because me is good Sesame Street monster and it is easier to tell about things using the alphabet. This time me promises to complete all 26 letters. So from today until the beginning of November me will blog every Friday about typical Dutch things and treats. Of course me kicks off with the letter A.

A is for… appel, or apple in English. That is basically the same. The Dutch like to use them apples in all kinds of baked treats. Like Appeltaart (apple pie), appelflap (a turnover filled with apples and raisins), appelslofjes (apple slippers, apple pieces in a crunchy crust with powdered sugar and sometimes custard pudding or almond paste), appelbol (appleball, an apple covered in dough) and appelkoek (apple cookie).

Appelflap - Appelkoek - Above: Appeltaart

But me must not forget appelmoes (applesauce, with a touch of cinnamon and in restaurants sometimes you get a cherry on top) and even appelstroop (apple syrup, it is more gooey than syrup though, you can spread it on bread).

Appelmoes - Appelstroop

Wow those are a lot of apple goodies! The Dutch surely like them apples! They even put them in a stew called Hete Bliksem (Hot Lightening, with onions and potatoes). The big apple of the Netherlands also starts with an A: Amsterdam. This is the capital. It got canals, beautiful historic buildings and you can visit a lot of sights.

Hete Bliksem - Amsterdam

Next week me talk about the Letter B! Me can think of a lot of great treats and things starting with the letter B…

Thursday, May 15, 2014


O boy O boy O boy! Me is sooooo excited today. Me is celebrating BEST HOLIDAY EVER!
Because in USA today we celebrate National Chocolate Chip COOKIE DAY!
Me do not know why. Me do not care. Me is just gonna celebrate BIG TIME!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Monday, May 05, 2014

Rotterdam Zoo

Hello everybody. Today me is going to blog about one of the oldest Dutch zoos that me have visited two times now: The Rotterdam Zoo called Diergaarde Blijdorp. When it opened its doors in 1855 it was merely a garden for water birds and pheasants. Also the general public was not allowed to come and visit the zoo. Only people who were a member of the society – mostly people with loads of money and a high social status – were allowed to visit the gardens. Over the years the zoo started to take form and more animals came to live in Rotterdam.

To make it more appealing – and to earn more money – the normal people were allowed to visit the zoo too. At first only once a year, but slowly (because they could use the money) it was more common for the common people to come over and visit the zoo. In the early 1930s the zoo moved to its current location. A good choice, because during the heavy bombardments during WW II the zoo was spared – although large pieces were destroyed a few days before also due to bombing. The good part of it was that they could design a newer, more modern zoo during the 1940s and after the war they could rebuild it.

May 4th 2014

And the Rotterdam zoo is still remodelling and getting more modern each year. There is a big part called Oceanium with salt water and sweet water aquariums and a shark tunnel (we ran through that with help from Berries friend because me and Berry don’t like sharks), but also penguins, sealions and other animals live there. Me loves the little raccoon we saw on our first visit of this year. And the tiger from Sumatra ofcourse who got some bunny slippers yesterday (the second time me visited). Me loved the little purplehead parrots too… O and there are wolves, polar bears, lions from Asia and so much more to see. Like elephants and a Tropical Butterfly garden called Amazonica. O and me melted when me saw this little baby hyena! He was so cute me wanted to cuddle with it. Me really have looked my little googly eyes out.

April 17th 2014

Me thinks me is glad this is not a real tiger. Because me saw what the tigress did with the fuzzy bunny and me did not want to end up as fuzzy slippers for a tiger – even though she had mesmerizing (wow that is hard word) eyes.

April 17th 2014

Me thinks Diergaarde Blijdorp – or Rotterdam Zoo – is a beautiful, huge zoo. Me was glad me hitched a ride on Berries back (like these meerkats did on the back of a turtle) because me would have had sore monsterpaws if me had to walk everything! But next time me can also take the little train that drives visitors from one side of the zoo to the other…

May 4th 2014

After the first visit Berry got me a new friend called Olli - he is googly eyed too. He is a supporter of the Rotterdam football team called Feyenoord. Me often goes to the matches of FC Utrecht so now me has a new buddy to watch the game with. She also bought me a nice cookie. What can I say, me is easily satisfied.

April 17th 2014

Berry took more cute picture of me, maybe me can share them with you soon too.
Byebye for now!