Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016: An Awesome Year on Instagram

Me know me not blogging much lately, but me promise me will post more stories next year. It not that me no is online. Me is having so much fun on Instagram. After getting real serious on there last year in the Summer me gained over 3000(!) family, friends and followers! Me feel so blessed! Let me tell you more about the awesome Instayear!
(pictures made by Berry and some by me friends)

Postcard exchange
The best part about the amazing friends me made is the postcard exchange. Berry made me me own range of postcards to send to me besties all over the world. It so awesome to do that and get loads of pictures back of me friends showing the world what me send them. Also awesome is the amount of postcards and gifts me get back from me friends. Me got coloring pictures, chocolate, little Christmas ornaments, handmade gifts, cute buttons, cookies (!), and two new friends we named Coral (the little pink octopus) and Indigo (the tiny elephant). Me and Berry are so moved by all of this. It wonderful! We save each and every one of the gifts and cards too!

Sending gifts
Because we love our Instagram family so much, me asked Berry to make some of me besties something special. We have send out little scarfs, hats, one cookie sweater, grannyscarfs (they are called that way, me no know why) and even little booties to some of them. All handmade and – ofcourse – with a cookie on it! The pictures where me friends model the gifts are really special and bring so much joy! We are going to send some more gifts too… It takes a little time to make it all.

Cookie Report Dance
One of me traditions on Instagram is the Cookie Report Dance. Me love dancing. So me posted a dance every time me gained +100 followers. Me never thought me would post so many dances this year! Haha. Me love it though. Me will make a compilation of all the dances soon. Me also dances with special occasions by the way.

Pet’s Mews
You already know about Pet’s Mews right? It the way for plushies to exchange information, cultural differences and so much more. Me love to learn about other cultures and Tipsy makes this awesome newspaper filled with lovely and interesting stories. Me sweet friend asked me to participate and me wrote an article about the zoo. Pet’s Mews is a very cool newspaper for and by Plushies. O and Tipsy’s website is awesome too.

It the most colourful thing me did on Instagram this year. With some buddies we started the Plushie Colour Quest. Target: find the colour the host on Monday told you to find and post a picture. We took turns in hosting and it was so much fun. It great to see everybody’s creativity. Ofcourse me hosted Blue Week! But me had so much fun participating too. Like you can see here. We are still playing and every plushie can join in! Just follow the hashtag. O the best part was… every plushie was wondering: do me have a wig for the asked colour? Or maybe some Care Bear friends.

A great way to meet new friends is by going to Hope’s Teaparty on Tuesday. Every Tuesday she hosts the special global tea party. It much fun. Me not always can go, but little Frights loves to go so she can have tea with Jennie. Or she drags along Mackenzie, Bassie and Coral. Sometimes me go too and bring cookies. It amazing. Hope also hosted a Summer Camp. Me never been to Summer Camp before and this was awesome!

Of course this year we enjoyed the Olympics. House of Small Bears hosted the Plushie Olympics. A 5 day event full of sporting events. Me team won 5 Gold medals! But it was mostly amazing to have so much fun together.

Cookie Island
O what fun we had on Cookie Island! We made three trips to the island with every Plushie that could join in. Me created Cookie Island as a Plushie School assignment. Because lots of buddies asked me if we could go there, we just did! So we travelled to Cookie Island three times. The first time it was mostly an orientating get away. The second time me, Sid and Hope went on a great adventure finding the remains of a Cookiesaurus! And the third time me and Hope hosted a huge Holiday party with tropical beaches and snow in the mountains. Thanks for making all these weekends so epic! Thanks to all me plushie friends, Cookie Island is a real thing to enjoy. There were so many pictures to choose from, me just picked these four, or the blog would be too long. All the pictures can be found on Instagram. Just follow #cookieislandfun on there!

Well… me probably could tell more about me adventures on Instagram. We went on Andy’s Cruise, visited Minnieville and prayed for our friends in need. We shared so many great stories together. We love all our Instafamily, friends and followers. Me bet next year will be equally awesome and delicious!

Bye bye for now. Me got hungry. Where are those delicious German cookies… o… Om nom nom nom NOMMY!