Thursday, December 14, 2017

In a Galaxy not so far away – apparently

In a Galaxy far, far away, the world needed to be saved from an evil emperor who wanted to destroy ALL the cookies in the Universe. There was only one googly-eyed hero who could do that. So this fuzzy and blue hero packed his bag full of cookies, jumped on the back of his best friend and together – armed with a photocamera – they went to seek out Yoda so they could learn how to defeat Darth Vader and save ALL the Cookies in the Galaxy… Swoosh… swoosh… heehee.

O boy, o boy, o boy: tell me, you would go and see that movie right? Well, me had the idea that me was in Star Wars meself when me visited Star Wars Identities last September. Berry – ofcourse – went to make a report for her website (for Dutch readers check: and as her trusted sidekick me hopped along with her. And me is glad me did! It was amazing there. C3PO was there and R2-D2. Even BB8 was there! Me saw scary Stormtroopers (me no like them) and also Darth Maul. Me no like him either. JarJar was there and Chewy (sadly there were no Bantha’s), but Darth Vader was there… Luckily me no scared of him! And ofcourse me visited Yoda! Me felt an instant connection between us. Me no sure why…

Star Wars Identities is about growing up. Why do two people who live in the same place (Anniken and Luke) grow up to be such different people? That is the main question of the exhibit. Nurture vs. Nature and the things you do in life where the key subjects. During the exhibit you can experience that yourself by choosing your own identity in the Star Wars universe. Me did not have to do that. Me already know The Force is strong within me. Berry made herself into a music playing fuzzy and blue Ewok. So… me think we matched even better that day! Hee hee.

Needless to say we had loads and loads of fun that day. Me hope you liked to read about it too. If you want to visit the exhibition, it is held in Utrecht, the Netherlands at the Cinemec theatre.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Me is a Wizard, Hagrid

Do you remember me went to the opening of the Harry Potter expo last February? Do you? No? Well… you can read it in me article You’re a Wizard, Cookie. We loved the expo soooo much me and Frights (and Berry ofcourse, cause we needed a ride) went to see it again in August. Yes… me will tell all about our adventures soon. Me promise! Well… spoiler alert, we had a blast again. So much, me wanted to be Harry Potter for Halloween. Pictures of the #cookieislandhalloweenparty2017 can be found on me Instagram account. Thanks to our sweetest German friend and shopping Queen Dörte me got all these cool Harry Potter merch and now me truly feel like Cookie Potter!

O boy o boy! So with Halloween me wore me Hedwig sweater and the glasses and did magic all over the place. Me really is a master of making COO-KIES disappear. Hee hee. But then Halloween came and went… and me wanted to play some more Harry Potter… Thankful another sweet friend on Instagram – her name is Piggy Coquette, go look her up! – is having a COSTUME PLAY GIVE AWAY! Well.. me did not have to think long about that… me dressed up as Harry Potter again. This time Berry made me a black robe, me could use her Hogwarts pin, me could play with Berries handmade Hedwig and… she made a Grim-looking-doggy-like tea leave shape with real tea leafs in me teacup! Cool huh! So me been playing The Prisoner of Azkaban all day long.

It was fun.
Hope you had fun reading this too. Bye bye for now.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

It’s poisonous!

Me really love Berry her job, because she takes me everywhere! Even to an exhibition about… poison. Or better yet: VENOM. Yes. The exhibition in Dutch is called GIF! and can be seen at Naturalis in Leiden, the Netherlands. The exhibition was dedicated to the famous scientist (well he is very famous in the Netherlands) dr. Freek Vonk. He travels all around the world to look for animals and other natural phenomena’s and tells kids about them in a television show. He even got bitten by a shark! But he survived and has a huge scar to prove it all happened. Well... Berry took me and her youngest nephew on a traintrip to Leiden to meet Freek and to meet all these creepy crawlers and such who are indeed poisonous!

It was very interesting and educational too! First, like a normal ‘for the press day’ there were some people telling about the exhibition. But me and the kids were waiting for Freek! He is awesome and so enthusiastic. You just want to listen to everything he tells about nature and venom. It was really fun. Me could not take me picture with the real Freek (but me did with the cardboard one heehee), but Berry her nephew could and that was awesome too. After the little lecture we turned to the first room. You have to know it a very special exhibit, because for the first time Naturalis had real animals and not just taxidermy ones to tell more about venom. There were creepy large spiders there, poisonous mushrooms, snakes, little poisonous frogs, a gila monster (he looked cute for a monster, just like me is a cute monster) and all kinds of other small animals that can poison you with venom. Me learned a lot that day.

If you like – and can read Dutch or no mind to put the article through the translator – you can go to Berry her website and read her blog about it: Naturalis presenteert: GIF).

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Cookie loves panda bears

You know me love going to the zoo, right? Well in the Netherlands we have lots of zoos. One even more special than the other. One of me fave zoos is Ouwehands Dierenpark, because they have this amazing bearforest and polar bears and penguins, gorillas and African elephants and… panda bears! They live here since this Spring and are called Wu Wen (the girl) and Xing Ya (the boy). Ofcourse me went to visit them. It a while ago though, but me wanted to show you anyways. It was amazing. These bears are so beautiful!

The habitat looks amazing too, it like a huuuge Chinese palace with dragons and lanterns and stuff. Also there is a Chinese restaurant and a gift shop where we adopted our own Wu Wen and Berry bought a Panda bag. Cool huh!

Me hope to go and visit again soon! Me loved it.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Plushie Fashion Week 2017: The Cat Hat Collection

You know me have a best friend who makes all me clothes right? She also like to make scarfs and hats and Cookie pins for me friends on Instagram. You can read more about that in this months’ edition of Pet’s Mews - me friends totally surprised us with that article! Well, in September me very good and sweet friend Tipsy Cat Bose - editor in chief at Pet’s Mews – decided it was time to host the first annual #plushiefashionweek2017. Ofcourse Berry just had to enter. We entered #plushiefashionweekAW17 with a special Autumn/Winter collection inspired by… the island Texel. (pictures by Berry de Nijs)

You have seen me blog about our Summer Vacation on the island Texel last Friday right? Me told you about the little photoshoot we did at the beach with the cute little hats and scarfs. Well… that was for Plushie Fashion Week 2017! Berry had brought this little balls of cotton yarn with her on vacation and looking at the island, feeling the wind in her hair and me in me fur, smelling the salty ocean wind… she just knew what to make. The colours were perfect. And cotton is nice to wear when you go to the beach in Autumn or Winter. So… the idea for the collection was there… time to knit!

Berry decided to make Cat Hats. They are called like that, because when you wear the rectangular shaped hats, little cat ears will appear in the corners. Cute huh. She started with the Cat Hat for Frights, who really loved the pearly tones of the colours. After that she made a Cat Hat for Foxy Toffee, Bassie, Coral, little Cloudy and little Bamboo. Bassie and Frights both got tiny scarfs matching their hats. The cotton gave the collection a little fishermen’s net look. Also we gave the little hats names to match the colours. Cool huh. In the catalogue below you can find the names of all the hats. Me loved it. Me wished me had a hat head…

O yes… normally every piece of Fashion made by Berry that is no sweater is decorated with a crochet cookie… but due to lack of time and beige cotton yarn there are no cookies (yet) on these hats and scarfs…

Do you want to read more about the wonderful Plushie Fashion Week? Check the hashtags #plushiefashionweek2017, #plushiefashionweekSS17 and #plushiefashionweekAW17 on Instagram (just search for them, you will find everything there!) And we wrote a story for the Plushie Fashion Week 2017 Special of Pet’s Mews.

We also made a little catalogue. Hope you like it!