Saturday, June 02, 2018

Cookies Blogging Friends: Hope

Did you know there are more cuddly friends who have their own BLOG? Me learned that because of Instagram. There are elephants, horses, bears and cats who like to tell more about their travels, life or other important stuff on there. It awesome. And me loves it. With two of me friends me will be guest blogging. So stay tuned for some super duper awesome pawsome blogs the coming weeks from me blogging Instagram friends. Me also want to tell you more about me blogging friends, so before you can read a blog written by me friends, me gonna introduce them to you all. O and do you have a blog too and you are a plushie or toy, then drop me a message so me can feature you too. (picture by Berry de Nijs)

About Me

Name: Hope Friend
Name of website:
Age: Vint-age
Hobbies: flower picking, coloring, tea parties, paw-making stuff, dancing, singing
Favorite Cookie: Snickerdoodles unless there’s a warm peanut butter and chocolate cookie with oozing peanut butter or chocolate one available. OH! And then there are sand tarts or butter horns. OH NO! WAIT! There’s also shortbread! And gingerbread…gosh, I guess my favorite cookie is whatever is available. Teehee (I do not care for white chocolate chips in my cookies though).

About My Blog

My blog is mostly my UN-SECRET Diary. I write stuff about my boss bear business, my adventures (if I get to leave Honey Grove), my crafting paw-made stuff. Elle likes posting her stories about Honey Grove on the blog. So, I guess it’s a shared blog between me (a teddy bear) and her (a hooman). One time, I was writing my post while traveling on an airplane and we had some turbulence. Elle said we had to put away the compooter and so we tried to write with our paws/hands. We honestly thought we would be able to remember what we wrote because our handwriting was so bad because of the turbulence. Well, we didn’t’ remember and we couldn’t decipher any of our writing. We had to toss it all away.

I started my blog last summer (2017), I think. Or it could’ve been last week or 100 years ago. I’m not too good keeping up with days and times. I started the blog because I started a bear business and I wanted others to read about my adventures being a boss bear (because I think I’m the only boss bear in the world??). Anyway, that’s mostly what my blog is about; being a boss bear and having adventures. And some ElleM stories. OH! And sometimes some tasty treat recipes. I also have an online store called Bears Howse Mercantile. But it really isn’t my store, it’s Brownie and Clementine’s. They are the Mercantile owners in Honey Grove and I offered them a place on the internet highway. I prefer to write about adventures or something I’m working on. Elle likes telling Honey Grove Stories. I don’t really have a favorite blog article that I wrote, but I do like to read Elle’s stories. I especially like the one about Barry Barnes.

Blogger magic is when the voice of the blogger is heard (read) and makes the story seem as if the reader is truly experiencing it with the writer. And I hope I have that magic. If I do (and even if I don’t), I would want everyone to read my blog because I’m not sure there are other teddy bears out there blogging and it’s how one can get different perspective on things. I also know that Honey Grove is a fun place and I would hope others would want to read about my little township.

Instagram: @honeygrovebears
Facebook: Bears of Honey Grove
On the Web:

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Cookie, Richie & Keith at Blijdorp

O boy o boy me is waaaaaaaaaaay behind on me stories here. Well… no need to skip ahead, me just gonna tell you about the things me did a few months ago. Me love meeting me friends. Last year me had a meeting with Candy the Sheep in Amsterdam. She is from Germany and was in the neighbourhood for Coffee, Cookies and Cuddles. That was the first time me had a meet-up with another plushie me know from Instagram! But… this year me already had so many meet-ups! Me will tell all about them. But me start with the first Instameet (an Instagram Meeting) of the year. Let’s go back to January!

It was Sunday, January 21st. Me was sooooo excited to meet me Instagram pals Keith and Richie. They love to go to Blijdorp (also known as Rotterdam Zoo) and me love to visit zoos, so we decided to meet up in Rotterdam. Boy, what an adventure it was to get there!

Me and Berry would meet the little elephants and Tessa at Rotterdam Central Station. Like me told in me blog about MiniWorld Rotterdam the best thing about going by train to Rotterdam is that you cross over the zoo. With a little luck me could see the lions and the giraffes. And then the train stopped next to the Okapi habitat… and we no moved again…

Uh-oh! What happened? Me did not know. Luckily the lil rebels Richie and Keith phoned me. There was a fire at Rotterdam Central! So no trains were allowed in the station. The lil elephants got rerouted to another station and we… we got stuck just a few meters outside the trainstation, in the middle of the zoo…
While we got stuck our buddies made it to the station by train. And look: they got us updated about the situation. There was firemen and all people had to leave the station! Gladly it was no big fire, just a little one in a broomcloset, but it was big enough to stop all the trains. After a while we went back to Rotterdam North where a lovely lady helped us find the tram to Rotterdam Central so me finally could cuddle me lil buddies! Quickly we jumped on the bus and a few minutes later we arrived at the zoo.

(pictures by Richie & Keith)

It was time for some food, hugs and gifts! Berry made me friends some scarfs. And me got all kinds of nommy cookies – they were delicious! – and a little Cookie Monster statue. Cool huh. Also we visited the whole zoo! We saw the cute prairie dogs, the polar bears, the tigers and lions, the elephants – ofcourse – and both baby rhino’s and sooooo much more. Me even got to visit the impressive and famous silverback gorilla Bokito. We had soooo much fun together. Me was sure we would meet again soon!

Sunday, March 04, 2018

A is for… Altravelalphabet 2018

Hey everybody! Last February me sweet bunny buddy Dušana hosted the Altravelalphabet again. Remember last year? Me had so much fun participating and learning new words that have to do with mental health and traveling. Me loved it so much me blogged about is last year. Do you want to read it? Just follow this link: A is for… the Altravelalphabet. Take your time… me can wait… *dumdiedumdumdum nomnomnomnom COOKIES… dumdiedumdumdum* Have you read it? GOOD! Than now read this one. Because just like last year me repeating the new words and pictures here in a blog. (pictures of the bunnies by Altravelbunny and pictures of me by Berry)

A is for Absquatulate. It old English and means ‘to leave without saying goodbye.’ It a bit of a sad word. Me always try to say goodbye.
B is for Brumous. Also of English origin. It means ‘of grey winter days and heavy fogs’. The term can also be used to describe a sad mindset. Well… on cold and dark wintery days me make me own sunshine by pretending me is elephant.

C is for COOKIE and for CARE BEARS and for COMMUOVERE what is Italian for heartwarming and things that stirs and moves you. Well hugs and cookies do stir me heehee. Thanks Dušana for teaching us this beautiful word.
D is for Dérive which is French for ‘to drift unplanned led only by the landscape or architecture’. That what Dušana taught me today. Me love to wander or coddiwomple through the flowerfields in Springtime with me friends!

*no Cookie Monsters were harmed while taking this picture*
This year in the Altravelalphabet E is for Eleutheromania. It Greek and it means ‘the intense desire for freedom’. Me thinks this old pictures says enough, right?
F is for Flâneur. It French, in Duthc we also say Flaneren. It means: to stroll aimlessly but enjoyably enjoying your surroundings. Like coddiwompling… Most of the time we in the Netherlands use the verb flaneren when you walk on the promenade aloung the beach… that why Coral, Texal and Beachie insisted on this picture for this word.

Next up is G is for Gigil. This Filipino word can be described as the feeling you get when you see something extremely cute and cuddly. Like Me! Hihi. Well… me felt totally Gigil when me saw the baby polar bears!
H is for Health. Well, cycling is good for your health, physically and mentally

I is for Imagination. Me thinks this picture says enough, right. Me love playing make belief!
J is for Jaunt which means ‘going on a short excursion or trip’. Me love doing that and me and Berry go on jaunts all the time… of course when we do, we coddiwomple too!

K is for Kindness. In the dictionary it says it means the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. Me love to be kind to others and momma nature. That why me try to clean up the beach and such whenever me can.
L is for Longing. Me always long for cookies and ofcourse for traveling. Hihi.

M is for Menu. That sounds nommy! Me love trying nommy stuff of the menu.
N is for Nemophilist. It means one who is fond of forests or forests scenery. O yesss. Me love trees. They are great for climbing. Hihi.

O is for Onism. It means knowing how little iof the world you will experience. Well… me do know that, but that no mean me no can enjoy all the things me do experience.
P is for the Latin word Peregrinate. It means to travel or wander around from place to place. This collage seemed the most fitting.

Q is for the Spanish word Querencia which means the place where you are your most authentic self, where strength is drawn and where you feel most at home. Well me is me most self when me is with Berry so… nuff said right>
R is for Reisfeber or travel fever. It Swedish and means the restless race of the travellers heart before the journey begins.

S is for Selcouth. That means strange or uncommon, the way things are seen while traveling being out of the ordinary and unexpected in a good way.
T is for Trouvaille. It means finding something lovely by change. It a French word, the picture is taken in France too.

U is for Unusual, uncommon or not normal. Something that does attract attention.
V is Vorfreude in German. In Dutch we say voorpret. It means looking forward to the fun ahead.

W is for Wandelen! Hey That Dutch! It means hiking or strolling. Me love it!
X is for Xhaketë. It Albanian for jacket or blazer. Does a vest count too?

Y is for Yoko Meshi. It Japanese for the stress of speaking a foreign language. *literally it translates to ‘a meal eaten sideways’* Well is sometimes stressful to talk with me animal friends. Although me always try to communicate. Is that Yoko Meshi too?
It the last letter of the alphabet and also the last post for the Altravelalphabet. Z is for Želje. It Hvatstka for wishes. Me wishes all me friends love, hugs, cookies and fun. Also me with the Altravelalphabet will return next year because me looooove sharing pictures and learning new words!!!

Well that concludes this year’s Altravelalphabet. If you want to know more go to you Instagram account and search for the hashtag #altravelproject. And for more words about travel go and look for #altravelalphabet. It a very fun challenge!

Until next time!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Cookie & Coral at Dolfinarium

At the end of last year – during the Christmas holiday break – me, Berry, her nephews and supergran went to Dolfinarium. This is a zoo with only marinelife animals, like sealions, fish, walruses and such. We really love it there. It like a day at the sea. So me happy me could go again. It been a while you know. Well, first me thought it was just me going, but where on the highway me heard someone giggling from the backseat. And no, not the nephews. It came from Berry her bag. So me zipped it open and…

Coral was there! She wanted to go to the oceanzoo so badly she secretly jumped into the bag when no-one was looking. Me loved that she did though, because sharing a day at the zoo together is always nice. And much more fun!

And what fun we had! Because it was the Holiday season we saw loads of Christmastrees. We loved to check ourselves out in the baubles. Also we played at the North Sea Hotel: two aquaria with a Summer and a Winter Suite. We tried to check in too, but the desk clerk was not there… So instead we took a dive under the sea…

Hihi, just kidding! It a green screen trick photo. Cool huh!
But we did go and see the animals that live at the Dolfinarium zoo. We saw some little sharks and rays in the Ray Bay, cuddled a sealion statue, went to visit the Walrus family and we saw some dolphins playing too.

We also went to the indoor Winter Funland to play. Lil Coral saw the most beautiful chandeliers there. They do look jellyfish right! And we found an abandoned bar. So… who want to have some Yeti pop! Hihi.

Also very nice was our little outing on the beach. But we had to hold on very tightly! We almost blew away! After the long and fun day we both fell asleep in the car. It was great to share this day with me lil octopus friend.