Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dolfinarium Harderwijk

Me think Dolfinarium Harderwijk is very nice place! Here all kinds of sea animals live together in a beautiful park. Me like to watch the little sharks and rays dance underwater. This big ray was so kind to let me sit on his back! Me also love to watch the sealions and big walruses play in the sun. Today me watched bottlenose dolphins dance and play in the water with Jelle the Jutter. It was funny cause he had to paddle his way back, but the wind was too strong for his boat! And for the first time me got splashed wet! Me was soaked with saltwater. Me didn't mind, cause me loved the salto the dolphin made in the show. He splashed a lot of water over the people and me! It was lots of fun!

Next time me will tell all about petting sharks!