Saturday, January 31, 2015

Travelling Around in January

O boy O boy the last few weeks have been so bizzy! And because Berry was keeping the laptop to herself for work, me was patiently waiting for her to move out of the way and tell you something about it. Well, if you have been paying attention to the Cookie Report Facebook page you probably saw some awesome things me have been doing lately. Let’s make a monthly weblog report to round up last month.

January 13 & 16: Holiday Expo
For her weblog – if you read Dutch just check out the link under the pictures – Berry went to the Holiday Expo (Vakantiebeurs). It is a big expo where all kinds of tour operators and such come together to show you the great things of the country or trip they are representing. Me had a blast. It felt like me was on Holiday already. We went to the Caribbean, Rwanda, South-Africa, New Zealand… and that all in just two days! Me felt like a giant in Asia, because of this tiny little tree… it is called a Bonsai. It was really fun.

Vakantiebeurs 2015:
Je zou zweren dat je er al was

Vakantiebeurs 2015:
Proef de echte vakantiesfeer

January 22: DierenPark Amersfoort
Berry and her dad – and me! – went to the zoo to relax a little after a bizzy week. Berry had been under the weather for a while, so a little relaxation to recharge is always good. And me got to pose with some gorgeous animals at the zoo. Look at me and my rides. O boy O boy, me is just kidding. They are statues. Cool huh.

January 23: Stichting Leeuw (The Lion Foundation)
Berry was going to make a report about Stichting Leeuw in Anna Paulowna, North-Holland. This foundation takes care of abandoned big cats, like lions, tigers, mountain lions and panthers. Most of the animals are ex-circus acts. The foundation try to give them a better home and even is trying to find a new home in a reservation in South-Africa and Asia. Cool huh! Afterwards me and Berry grabbed a bite to eat before heading home. O, under the pictures there is a link to her Dutch article about the foundation.

Stichting Leeuw:
van opvang tot vrijlating en alles wat er tussen zit

January 25: Night at the bowling alley
Well… this picture kinda says it all, don’t you think? Me went bowling. It been a loooooong time since me did that and because me paws could not fit in the holes of the ball, me tried to throw it differently. But Berry had to stop me, before me hurt meself… and eat all the bowlingballs! Is it just me, or do they look like giant candies?
Ah… om nom nom nom nom…

January 30 : Snow at DierenPark Amersfoort
Yes! It had been snowing. Finally. Berry and me were so happy, she grabbed me, put me on top of her camera bag in the car and we drove off into the white world to DierenPark Amersfoort, hoping there would be snow too to see the tigers play in the snow. Too bad there wasn’t that much snow over there. But we had a great time anyways. And me sure is glad the lion also sleeps during the day! Now me could sit real close to them against the glass. And these porcupines are so cute. They were nosey too, sniffing me out. We had a great day.

And that was January for ya. Me loved this first month of the year. Me sure hope therest of the year will be this much fun too. Well, bye bye for now. And do not forget to like me Facebook page. Me would appreciate it. Plus you see the latest pictures first :D

Friday, January 23, 2015

A Day at Dierenrijk

Me love visiting the zoo! Just yesterday me went to me favourite zoo in Amersfoort… But me will tell you all about that later. Today me will talk about me visiting Dierenrijk in Nuenen. That is very close to the city of Eindhoven, here in the Netherlands. Yeah, yeah! Me love this zoo. It is very different and they have cute polar bears! One was playing in the water, swimming and splashing! It was really cute. But me is getting ahead of meself.

Me went there in December 2014. It was a little rainy and very cold – me did not have me sweater yet! But still me felt fuzzy and warm. You see, it was the week before Christmas so the park was decorated with all this lights and lots of Christmastrees decorated with cute plush animals. Like this little cheeky monkey. Me hope he was not after me Cookie…

Me saw a lot of cute and gorgeous animals at Dierenrijk. Me saw a coypu, some boar, camels, the polar bears of course, brown bears, tigers, wolves and a family of raccoon dogs. They look like raccoons, but aren’t. Me saw some red panda’s and regular raccoons too!

There is also a nice family of gorgeous elephants living at Dierenrijk. Me really loved to watch them hug and cuddle. But also to see the big Sibu at the presentation. He showed his ears and his tusks to us. After that he went in with his family and tapped water with his trunk. It was magnificent. Me sure love elephants!

After we left, we stopped to greet the meerkats. Me love meerkats. They are cute and have real character. On the day we visited the meerkats got a big crate filled with food and Christmas ornaments. So the meerkats were digging through the plastic balls searching for their treats. It was so cute to watch.

We had a great day at Dierenrijk. Me sure hope me will go there again someday soon.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

International Hug Day

C'mon! Give Cookie a big hug. It is International Hug Day. Hugging is great. You feel good and you make some one happy. Do you like a big hug? Me, Sammy and my Teddy do! Go off and hug a friend, your parents or a dog and have a great day!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Fuzzy & Blue Monday

Hey there. Apparently today it is Blue Monday. Well, me Monday’s are always blue, but it means something different. According to a scientific study people experience the third Monday of the year as the most depressing day of the year… O that makes me so saaaad! Me is here to uplift your spirit, because just try to stop smiling if you have a cookie in your hand. So, me will call today Fuzzy and Blue Monday (yeah!).

What to do to make today better when you feel a little blue?
Me have some tips:
- Eat a Cookie
- Go out to play, like at the park, the zoo or playground
- Go cuddle a cute animal
- Watch your favourite movie
- Sing your favourite song all day
- Eat a Cookie
- Embrace your blueness!


O and eat a COOKIE! Om nom nom nom
Happy Blue Monday

Friday, January 16, 2015

Innocent Smoothie’s Big Knit

Berry had knitting fever last months of 2014. It started when she came back from a press event in Amsterdam with a tiny bag with two tiny balls of yarns and two tiny knitting pens. She got it with a yummy bottle of Innocent Smoothies. Me love those. They are so fruity. The knitting set was a starter kit to make tiny winterhats, to be worn by the smoothie bottles in January. This campaign is called The Big Knit – it is also done in the UK – where as many people possible knit as many tiny hats for the bottles. Why? To support the Nationaal Ouderenfonds (National Senior Citizen Foundation). When the bottles with the hats are bought, 20 eurocents go to the Foundation. Cool huh.

Well… Berry caught knitting fever. She never had knitted one stitch in her life, but once she started… a well… She knitted 18 hats for the good cause. And then she knitted me this wonderful sweater. This January the hatted bottles are sold at different stores on the train stations but also on the Airport. When you travel through the Netherlands, buy one hatted smoothie. You will help the elderly and you get some yummy vitamins to go. O and save the hat. It is a fun hat for small teddy bears and make great egg warmers. Or dress up your fruit bowl.

Me no mind Berry has knitting fever. Me got a cool, warm, winter jumper. Maybe she will knit me a scarf as well!

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Sweet Bear Moekie

Hey there! Me promised to tell you something about the Winter night at DierenPark Amersfoort. Me went there with Berry and her friends on December 27th, right after Christmas. The most Wonderful Park Of The Year, like the zoo called itself, was decorated with lots of Christmas lights, bonfires, campfires for roasting marshmallows and more. We even took a special tour to visit the night homes of the tigers. But there was a special visit included too. At the 100.000 Animal House.

Me love Bears. They are so cuddly and look so sweet. Yes me know they can be really dangerous, but still… Me love watching bears. When me is at a zoo with bears, me can sit in awe for hours watching them basically do not much at all, play in the water, eat, sleep… the bear necessities! At the zoo in Amersfoort where me usually is, me like to visit the bear-family. You got Bolke, the grandma and mom of Moekie, Moekie (you say Mooky) the mom and daughter of Bolke, Peppie and Kokkie (brothers) the sons of Moekie.

Well, it used to be a family of four. Last year in Februari Moekie passed away…

Last December Moekie returned to the zoo as a stuffed animal or a preparation. Berry wanted to visit her and so did me. We both shed a little tear of sadness and joy. You can see me with Moekie in the pictures. The zoo is very happy Moekie returned to them. She is born in Amersfoort, and now she will ‘live’ there forever. It is a beautiful thought, right.

Well, me say bye bye now and until the next time!

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Cookie at the Zoo

Hello Everybody! Happy New Year! Me hope your year started off great.
The best thing of a new year is that me can look back and recap the old year. Berry likes to do so too. Especially making lists of the things she has done for her work and such. But me loves this video. Every picture represents 1 visit at the zoo in the Netherlands, Belgium or France. Ofcourse me was there with her every visit, so it is a nice recap of the 42 Zoo visits.

Want to see more of the pictures? Visit Berries Dutch Blog: Jaaroverzicht Doldwaze Dierentuindagen. If you no can read Dutch, hit the translate feature of your browser or just enjoy the pictures!

Well, bye bye for now. Me will be back Wednesday to tell you more about the last visit at DierenPark Amersfoort of december 27th!