Friday, January 16, 2015

Innocent Smoothie’s Big Knit

Berry had knitting fever last months of 2014. It started when she came back from a press event in Amsterdam with a tiny bag with two tiny balls of yarns and two tiny knitting pens. She got it with a yummy bottle of Innocent Smoothies. Me love those. They are so fruity. The knitting set was a starter kit to make tiny winterhats, to be worn by the smoothie bottles in January. This campaign is called The Big Knit – it is also done in the UK – where as many people possible knit as many tiny hats for the bottles. Why? To support the Nationaal Ouderenfonds (National Senior Citizen Foundation). When the bottles with the hats are bought, 20 eurocents go to the Foundation. Cool huh.

Well… Berry caught knitting fever. She never had knitted one stitch in her life, but once she started… a well… She knitted 18 hats for the good cause. And then she knitted me this wonderful sweater. This January the hatted bottles are sold at different stores on the train stations but also on the Airport. When you travel through the Netherlands, buy one hatted smoothie. You will help the elderly and you get some yummy vitamins to go. O and save the hat. It is a fun hat for small teddy bears and make great egg warmers. Or dress up your fruit bowl.

Me no mind Berry has knitting fever. Me got a cool, warm, winter jumper. Maybe she will knit me a scarf as well!

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