Monday, November 07, 2016

Cookie Report in Pet's Mews

Hi everybody, Cookie here. It been a crazy busy couple of weeks, so me had to postpone some stories me wanted to share with you all. Me will catch up with everybody. You know me! Me just will eat a ton of cookies and will work on a sugar rush hihi. But today me had a little time to tell you about one of me friends on Instagram. Her name is Tipsy and she is a cat who has a human pet that travels with her. Every month with the help of Instafriends Tipsy publishes the coolest newspaper: Pet's Mews.

It awesome! The paper really is a celebration of cultural exchanges, beautiful pictures, cute stories, recipes and much much more. There are five issues now and me got to send in an article for the fifth issue that came out only last Saturday. Me love it! It was so exciting to write for a newspaper. It me first time! So... me wrote about something me love. No, not cookies. But going to the zoo. Me share a lot of zoo-pictures on me Instagram and have lots of friends asking if it not scary or dangerous to go to a zoo. So... me wrote down 10 tips about going to the zoo, get your picture taken and how to get our bum to stay away from the washing machine! There are more amazing stories in the paper this month and pictures. So... take a look too. You will find the paper, by clicking this link

O and do not forget to check out all the other Pet's Mewspapers and blogs of Tipsy. They are awesome and very educational! So hop on over to their website, make a cup of tea, cocoa, warm milk or coffee, have some cookies and start reading!

Until next time! Bye bye