Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays

Me dressed up as Santa for Christmas, because Santa always gets the cookies... Ah well, Merry Christmas all! Me hopes everyone has a great time!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Cookies new lion friend

You know me loves going to zoo every now and then. And sometimes me make new friends. Begin November me went to the zoo in Emmen and made a new friend. Isn't this lioncub cute? This little guy (or girl) was one of four lion cubs at the habitat. It was not afraid of Cookie, it really wanted to talk to me. Or maybe he was just amazed by me shiny blue fur. Or did you think the little lion would want to eat Cookie...? Nooooo. He was just very cuddly and sweet.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's raining...

They say when it is raining hard, that it is raining cats and dogs. It would be nice for it to be true, because Cookie Monster LIKES cats and dogs... But no cats and dogs were falling from the sky. Only biiiiiig raindrops. Me don't like that. Me get bored when it rains. Not even hot chocolat milk with big cookie can make that bet--- uhm... of course that can make it better. But you know what me means. This kind of weather makes me fur all wet. A well... autumn is here. And that is beautiful too. Even when it is raining.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Bye Beautiful Radza

Me is a little sad and blue today... Me heard gorgeous elephant Radza from Dierenpark Emmen has passed away last night. Me is very glad me got to see him during the Summer. Sweet Radza you will be missed...

Monday, September 23, 2013

Cookie on Bloglovin

Do you like me blog but do you want to know when Cookie posts a story at first hand? Than look for Cookie on Bloglovin (me left Cookiecrumb here, so you can find me: Follow my blog with Bloglovin). When Cookie writes a new story you will find it in your e-mail!
Bu-bye for now!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cookie starring in new motion picture King Kong

Me have been offline for a while, because me was practicing me lines for new motion picture: Cookie & King Kong, starring me, offcourse. Well... it could be, but me is kidding - again. Me was at Apenheul, the monkey & ape zoo in Apeldoorn, and there was this great friendly Gorilla statue I could sit on. But be honest, if me hadn't told you it was statue you would have believed Monster, right? At the other picture you see Jambo, the great Gorilla boss. He looked very friendly though, loving his tomatoes and leek. Me would loved to cuddle him... But maybe Cookie could be in a happy ending movie with Jambo in my imagination!
Bu-bye for now.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Exclusive: Cookie eaten by Giraffe?

No Cookie is only joking, but it looks like it right?

May me introduce to you Kenai the Giraffe, resident of Circus Belly Wien from Austria. This beautiful gentle giant is walking through the park in Berry's hometown this week. Why? Well, circus is in town and this gentle Giraffe just loves the people who visit him at the park. He eat leafs from your paw or hand. And he only stands behind a piece of string. This circus is very animal friendly. Although they have trailers to live in during the night (which aren't that much smaller than the stables at the zoo) they have big pieces of the park to walk in. This beautiful Giraffe surely is cheering up the neighbourhood. Ever had a Giraffe for a neighbour? Well maybe Cookie did once in Sesame Street, but you know what me means!

Friday, September 06, 2013

Me want Cookie TOM!

You know, me really thinks Tom Hiddleston is nice guy - he isn't anything like Loki. He eventually gave Cookie a cookie. He uses hard words though...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cookie on Safari - again

On Twitter Cookie promised to write something about some animals me had met last weekend. Well... me could get me furry blue paws on the computer today. So here is my new Cookie Report. Remember Cookie went to the Safari zoo? Me written about it on April 2nd. Me really hoped to go and see the animals again during a car safari, so me was thrilled when me got a chance to go there again. This time me was gazed at by this bird with a large beak. It walked up to the car and just started to look inside. Me quickly hid my chocolat chip cookie, because you aren't allowed to feed the animals. Our next stop at the car safari were the cheetahs. Me love them so much. This one was just chillin, lying in the shade, eyeing the cars that drove by really slowly. Me thought that was really special.

Next up was the walking safari. Me loved that, because me has no walking to do, me just fetch a ride on Berries back. Me loved to look at the little old chimps. They just had gotten some food and this little one had collected quite a few veggies to eat. Most animals were really lazy - like the lions, who choose to cuddle a lot. Also the tigers were a little bit lazy, but me did not mind. It was a beautiful day to be lazy, just relaxing in the sunshine. Me was only a little scared at the birds of prey presentation. The man told us that sometimes the big birds like to catch little blue monsters like me. So me hid in Berries photobag - and here me thought big birds were always nice...

Me did encounter a nice giant at the Safari zoo though. Me was very close to an elephant. Don't you just love them? These are African Elephants. They have a smaller head with bigger ears than Asian elephants. Also they have thinner and longer legs. This elephant was playing with a branch. Cute huh!

But the best encounter me had was with a Gorilla who even posed with me for the picture... Nooooo me just kidding! This is not a real gorilla but one of the many statues at the zoo! But the other one was very real. Me don't think me could play with him. He yawned once... my they have big teeth!

Me had really great time! Me hopes to go there again soon.

Buh-bye for now!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Monkey business at the Zoo

You know me likes music. You know me likes to go to the zoo. So... combining zoo with music is the best thing ever - well, not as good as a big room filled with cookies, but you know what me mean, right. So when Berry took me to Apenheul - a monkey and ape specialised zoo - to listen to some classical and modern pieces me was delighted. It was wonderful, although some musical pieces were a bit abstract for me taste, me liked it very much. Especially the trio at the squirrel monkeys. They played gorgeous music, while the monkeys chirped and sang along. It was beautiful and funny at the same time! Me hopes me can go next year too.

Video of the Squirrel Monkeys

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Oooo waiting is hard sometimes!

You all know that Cookie gets really excited when me sees cookie... Me want that cookie, no matter what. But me also knows me sometimes have to behave and wait before me can have Cookie... It is called Self Control. Do you have self control? Me sang a nice song about it: Me want it (But me wait).


Monday, August 05, 2013

Football season started!

Me knows football is called soccer in lots of parts of the world, but Cookie lives in the Netherlands, so here we speak of football. Me always go to the homegames of FC Utrecht. With my own shirt offcourse. Berry made my shirt by hand, because they don't sell club clothes in the size of little blue monsters. Yesterday me went to the first match of the competition. FC Utrecht already had lost the playoffs for the Europa League, so Cookie was a little scared we would loose again. Well, we could've lost, but the teams tied the game at 1-1. Me had fun, eating a hot dog and all. Me and Berries dad had lots of fun after the game too.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Pool Party!

Its a heatwave in the Netherlands, but me knows how to keep me head cool! Just take a little boat - well kind off - a cool drink and me fave Elvis inspired sunglasses to chill in the pool. Me only thinks Sammie doesn't like it when me is chillin like this. He started to growl a little. But me is willing to share the pool! Ah well. Keep it cool, me is having a little pool party!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sun & Fun at the Zoo

Yes, me went to the zoo. Again. Yes, me knows. But this time me went to another zoo. Me went to Noorderdierenpark in Emmen. Its kinda a long drive, because its way up north, but its a pretty zoo and me love it there. They have this big elephant named Radza who was sleeping in the sun. And there was a little bear playing in the water. And some monkeys cuddling eachother or playing in the trees. It was very hot in Emmen last Tuesday, but me did not mind. Me dangled on Berries back, peeking over her shoulder in awe of so much beauty. Me loved the elephants, but me also loved the baby lions. They were so cute, sleeping with their mom. Me wanted to jump in and cuddle, but me knew better. It was gorgeous day. Me love the zoo...

sleeping Radza / cute bear playing and drinking
funny monkey eating leafs / cute lion cub sleeping with his mommy