Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Exclusive: Cookie eaten by Giraffe?

No Cookie is only joking, but it looks like it right?

May me introduce to you Kenai the Giraffe, resident of Circus Belly Wien from Austria. This beautiful gentle giant is walking through the park in Berry's hometown this week. Why? Well, circus is in town and this gentle Giraffe just loves the people who visit him at the park. He eat leafs from your paw or hand. And he only stands behind a piece of string. This circus is very animal friendly. Although they have trailers to live in during the night (which aren't that much smaller than the stables at the zoo) they have big pieces of the park to walk in. This beautiful Giraffe surely is cheering up the neighbourhood. Ever had a Giraffe for a neighbour? Well maybe Cookie did once in Sesame Street, but you know what me means!

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