Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dutch Alfabet - 5

Cookie have been away for sometime. But here is me come back! With a next letter in the Dutch Alfabet... the letter E.

E is definitely for Ernie, my best friend. Me usually stay over, when Bert is out of town for a pigeon convention. Or something about bottlecaps. But that is not where me will talk about today.

In Dutch you have some nice words that starts with E too. Like Enkhuizen, a pretty town in North Holland at the IJsselmeer. But the E is also good voor 'eten' (eating), wich you do with cookie. Me also like words like eigen (mine), elk (everyone) and en (and). Because that last word is something me likes to use.

And than there are some animals that start with E, like Egel (porcupine) who is nice and prickley and lives in Berries backyard, underneath the big pinetree into the leaves.

There are loads more words that start with E. But me wanted to leave it with this. Next time me will talk about the letter F and the kind of pancakes me can bake with that!

Bye bye for now!