Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

It is almost here! The New Year! Some countries are already in the new year. Me live in the Netherlands, so me and Texel and all me other friends and family have to wait some more. But in the meantime we can eat oliebollen (also known as Dutch Donuts). Me love them!

Well, me and Texel and all me friends and family wish you a very happy New Year. May all your wishes do come true. And if not... there is always next year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Have me told about… Holidays?

You all know me loves a good party right. Because when there is party, me can boogie and eat delicious snacks. Well, me friend Berry and her family likes to party too. Berry hosts Halloween once a year and we celebrate the birthday of Sinterklaas every 5 December. And ofcourse me will not forget about Christmas! Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. O boy O boy, that will be fun too. Staying up late! Right now, me will post some pictures of Halloween, Pakjesavond and Christmas. Me had a blast. Until next time!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Have me told about… Apenheul?

Me is back with another fun ‘Have me told about…?’ blog. Yes yes, me have to talk about me last visit at Apenheul of the season. Yes me went there to visit a baby orang-utan before Christmas, but me means the regular season. You must know that this Monkey and Apes zoo closes after Fall break. Most animals retreat to their warm indoor habitats during the colder autumn and winter days. The people of Apenheul uses the wintertime to rebuild or remodel the habitats so the animals have more or new things to climb in and play with. So… Berry and me wanted to say goodbye to the apes and monkeys of the zoo and went to Apenheul on October 30th. Almost at the end of Fall break.

October 30th 2015
It was a beautiful sunny autumn day. And me got to enjoy two thing: apes & monkeys at the zoo AND a beautiful autumn forest. Apenheul lies in a huge forest and next to a park called Berg & Bosch. So before you enter the zoo, we walked through the park and enjoyed all its colors. Once inside we first visited the cheeky little Squirrel monkeys. Ofcourse we visited all the monkeys and apes. Like the beautiful orang-utan and the curious but shy vari. Me loved the blue eyes maki (hey, me just love blue) and ofcourse the gorillas. Berry made such beautiful pics, let’s enjoy them together okay.

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Have me told about…
Munch|van Gogh?

You know me love art right? Me love to draw and color in me coloring books. But me also love to visit a museum or two. With me friend Berry me have been to the Van Gogh Museum three times last year. But the last time, me loved it the best. That was already back in September (told ya me is a bit behind on me blogging). So we went to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam for this special exhibit of art made by Vincent van Gogh and Edvard Munch!

September 22nd 2015
The exhibit was beautiful with works of art inspired by Van Gogh. Me could see Munch loved the same things to paint. At the exhibit paintings that were truly inspired by Van Gogh but made by Munch were hanging side by side, like these two Starry Nights. But me loved the Scream the best. There are different Screams made by Munch, but this one is extra special: it is the first one he made. Cool huh.

Me saw the Scream once before at the Lego Exhibit. Then it was made by Nathan Sawaya out of Legos. That was cool too. Check out me blog about that too if you want to read more about it:

made out of Lego

Do you like art? And if so. Who is your favorite artist or what is your favorite piece?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Have me told about… Blijdorp?

Even me have to think about this one digging deep in me memory. It has been a while since me visited Blijdorp in Rotterdam last September. We went there just to relax after a Summer full of work. Well… Berry needed that more than me though. But me no did care, me love to go to a zoo. The Rotterdam Zoo of Blijdorp is a very, very big zoo with loads of gorgeous animals and habitats. Me took a picture with a penguin and saw this amazing Okapi! It happened on September 25th 2015. Me is not going to write much about it, just watch the pictures! Me will be back with more ‘Have me told about…’s after Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Have me told about… Afrika Museum?

Have you seen me new profile picture on me Facebook page? Me is also put it here so no worries if you missed it (do not be shy and gimme a follow on either Facebook or Instagram so you get the good stuff first). Me is sitting here in front of all kinds of gorgeous, old and traditional instruments. It was quite the shot to take, me sat on the railing of the balcony, because the instruments were hanging from the ceiling. Where it was, you ask? Well, it was at the Afrika Museum in Berg en Dal, the Netherlands. Berry went there for her blog and me – of course – tagged along! And me is so glad me did. So… Have me told about Afrika Museum?

December 9th 2015
It was a nice December day with loads of sun when me and Berry went on a roadtrip to Berg and Dal. We found the museum in a forest next to the town. It was gorgeous. Berry needed to be there to write about the exhibit Rhythm and Roots at the museum. It was a nice exhibit about music! Well you know me love music. Especially with a nice beat. The exhibit tells the story of how African people and African music influenced modern North-American or Western music and the other way round. So we listened to BB King and the New Cool Collective. We listened to Afrobeat and Juju music. And… to Elvis Presley and James Brown. That was so awesome. Me was all Fanmonstering. Because there was a guitar of Chubby Checker and… a leather jacket of Elvis. Cool huh.

All about Africa
The rest of the museum is dedicated to African art and especially African people. It was so nice to see all the beautiful art and artlike combs and other objects. Outside the museum in the park there are 5 little villages with different kinds of houses, giving you a peek at life at an authentic African village. Me liked that. There were even chickens walking about. At the winter time the huts are closed, because the artifacts in them are brought inside to protect them against the cold. Maybe me will go back some day when the villages are open for the public too.

Well… that was all about the Afrika Museum. Me sure do love art! See you next time at a new ‘Have me told about…?’. Bye bye for now.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Have me told about… DierenPark Amersfoort?

Hello! It almost Christmas, so me want to blog some more ‘Have me told about…?’ blogs so me can keep up with everything me want to talk about. Today me want to go back to October 1st: a nice Thursday. This day me, Ploon and the doggies (Berry babysits once a week) went to our favorite park: DierenPark Amersfoort. Well it kinda is our favorite because Berry can bring Sammie. The park has gorgeous animals and a lot of new habitats for them. O and yummy sandwiches too… Maybe you have seen some of me pictures about this day on Instagram.

October 1st 2015
So on a very gorgeous autumn day we went to see our animal friends in Amersfoort. Because of the nice sunlight that fell in many habitats most animals were taking it easy. Sleeping and snoozing. It looked so comfy and cozy. Me almost would want to cuddle up beside them. But Berry told me it would not be a good plan. Still… it was nice to see it.

At the park there are so many sweet and gorgeous animals. Me love to watch the tigers (Siberian and White) snooze and play in the sun. But also the nice elephants (doesn’t the little one look cute with his little tusks?). And what about the cute goats at the little farm. Me really like to be at Amersfoort Zoo. It is so relaxing.

One of the things at the zoo that makes it really special is the scenery. A lot of green, flowers and more are setting the scene of the zoo that is also situated in a forest. To make it even more special there are some beautiful statues at the zoo. Like the rhino at the top of this blog and the lion, cheetah (not in the pictures this time) and chimp. Gorgeous huh!

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See you tomorrow – me hopes – for another ‘Have me told about…?’!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Have me told about… Ouwehands Dierenpark?

Hi there! Me is back again with another ‘Have me told about…?’ blog to catch everyone – meself too – up to speed with everything me want to blog about. It will not be in the proper order of events me is afraid, but you do not mind right? Well, this time me want to talk about Ouwehands Dierenpark in Rhenen. Me went there on November 8th. It was a beautiful day. Not too sunny. But the animals were happy about that and playing and chilling outside. Me love it there. Especially the bear forest.

November 8th 2015
It was a nice autumn day and we took a roadtrip to Ouwehand. At first it was all foggy (like you could have seen on me Cookie Report Instagram account, but when me and Berry and her dad and Sammie and our friend Ploon arrived at the zoo, the sun was carefully peeping through the clouds. So we started off with coffee and some cookies. Om nom nom. Always a good start if you ask me. After that we decided to get the cameras out and head into the park. First stop were these beautiful birds!

After that we visited all kinds of animals. The monkeys and the gorillas. And the camels and white tigers who were sleeping (and eyeing us a teeny tiny bit). And the white lions and ofcourse the polar bears. O and what about this little kitty who was sleeping at the zoo on a bench. Gorgeous huh.

The Bear Forest
Me really love the Bear Forest at Ouwehand. Wanna know why? Well because first me love bears and second the people who run the Bear Forest only take in traumatised bears that were used to dance on the streets or where abused in any way. So they really rescue these beauties so they can live an easy, happy and comfortable life at the forest. Great huh. You can follow them here on at the Alertis Facebook page to learn more about the organisation. At the forest there are also two wolves living with the bears. Because me visited Ouwehand this time in autumn the bears were starting with their hibernation. So me had to look out for them extra well. We found some half asleep in their favorite caves.

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Well… that was my story about Ouwehand. Until next time with a new ‘Have me told about…?’!