Monday, December 21, 2015

Have me told about… Ouwehands Dierenpark?

Hi there! Me is back again with another ‘Have me told about…?’ blog to catch everyone – meself too – up to speed with everything me want to blog about. It will not be in the proper order of events me is afraid, but you do not mind right? Well, this time me want to talk about Ouwehands Dierenpark in Rhenen. Me went there on November 8th. It was a beautiful day. Not too sunny. But the animals were happy about that and playing and chilling outside. Me love it there. Especially the bear forest.

November 8th 2015
It was a nice autumn day and we took a roadtrip to Ouwehand. At first it was all foggy (like you could have seen on me Cookie Report Instagram account, but when me and Berry and her dad and Sammie and our friend Ploon arrived at the zoo, the sun was carefully peeping through the clouds. So we started off with coffee and some cookies. Om nom nom. Always a good start if you ask me. After that we decided to get the cameras out and head into the park. First stop were these beautiful birds!

After that we visited all kinds of animals. The monkeys and the gorillas. And the camels and white tigers who were sleeping (and eyeing us a teeny tiny bit). And the white lions and ofcourse the polar bears. O and what about this little kitty who was sleeping at the zoo on a bench. Gorgeous huh.

The Bear Forest
Me really love the Bear Forest at Ouwehand. Wanna know why? Well because first me love bears and second the people who run the Bear Forest only take in traumatised bears that were used to dance on the streets or where abused in any way. So they really rescue these beauties so they can live an easy, happy and comfortable life at the forest. Great huh. You can follow them here on at the Alertis Facebook page to learn more about the organisation. At the forest there are also two wolves living with the bears. Because me visited Ouwehand this time in autumn the bears were starting with their hibernation. So me had to look out for them extra well. We found some half asleep in their favorite caves.

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Well… that was my story about Ouwehand. Until next time with a new ‘Have me told about…?’!

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