Sunday, December 20, 2015

Have me told about… The Efteling?

Hello again. Here is Cookie again with another Cookie Report. This time me is going to tell you a lot about the things me have been up to lately. If you follow me on me Instagram account (and please do, me will always follow back) you could see me have been very busy. Mostly me have been busy tagging along with Berry during her many outings for her work. And because of that, we both no have found the time to blog about it. So… it is Sunday today, so me is going to tell you all about the things me did the last couple of months. Not all in one blog though… me is will spread it like cookie crumbs! First up: Have me already told about the Efteling?

October 5th 2015
Me, Berry and her best friend Conno went to the Efteling on October 5th. Me love the Efteling. Me have blogged about it before (you can find the links at the end of this post if you are interested), but me just love it there! Conno was very very brave riding this scary rollercoaster called Baron 1898. Well Berry and me just waiting in the autumn sun. That was nice too. And ofcourse me sat on a musical mushroom at the Fairytale Forest (me love it there, all me Fairytale friends live in the forest).

We had so much fun later riding the wild water boats. It is kinda like rafting, in bumper boats. You can get soaking wet, but luckily Berry protected me. Me love the Carnaval Festival too. It is like ‘It’s a Small World’ where you travel all over the world and meet colourful animals and people having fun. Me love the song. Whenever me here the Carnaval song me will never get it out of me head.

Me is no certain why me always end up here. Is it the gingerbread on the walls? The pretzels? Maybe the lemonade fountains in the garden. Or the giant puddings on the pedestals… O no me know! It is because of everything. This house is so yummy me want to eat it. There are two kids sitting in the yard though, one is in a cage all puffy and fat. And there is this old lady and her hissing cat that come to the door when you touch the handle on the gate… Me not sure… Do you think me can have a bite next time?

Instagram fun
Well… me posted it on Instagram to ask the nice people of Efteling what they thought. Me wrote:
Me visited @efteling today. Me especially loooooooooved this house. You think the old woman living there would mind if me ate some candy or cookies of her house? #cookie #cookiereport #cookiemonster #puppet #efteling #sprookjesbos #hansengrietje #hansandgretel #fairytaile #forest #thenetherlands #omnomnom

Me Instafriends told me to have a go, telling me Berry should protect me, but me wasn’t sure yet. Then Efteling responded:
I asked her and the witch is okay with it. However, it’s at own risk: eating candy and cookies didn’t turn out so good for Hans and Gretel…;-) Regards, Marlou

After that… me still no was sure. Me still no is! So me said to Marlou:
@efteling are you sure Marlou? Me will be back and try to eat some next time… If me dare… The kitty sounded very angry…

Me still thinks the kitty is more scary than the old lady…

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Well… that was me blog about Efteling! Join me soon for another ‘Have me told about…’!

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