Thursday, May 31, 2018

Cookie, Richie & Keith at Blijdorp

O boy o boy me is waaaaaaaaaaay behind on me stories here. Well… no need to skip ahead, me just gonna tell you about the things me did a few months ago. Me love meeting me friends. Last year me had a meeting with Candy the Sheep in Amsterdam. She is from Germany and was in the neighbourhood for Coffee, Cookies and Cuddles. That was the first time me had a meet-up with another plushie me know from Instagram! But… this year me already had so many meet-ups! Me will tell all about them. But me start with the first Instameet (an Instagram Meeting) of the year. Let’s go back to January!

It was Sunday, January 21st. Me was sooooo excited to meet me Instagram pals Keith and Richie. They love to go to Blijdorp (also known as Rotterdam Zoo) and me love to visit zoos, so we decided to meet up in Rotterdam. Boy, what an adventure it was to get there!

Me and Berry would meet the little elephants and Tessa at Rotterdam Central Station. Like me told in me blog about MiniWorld Rotterdam the best thing about going by train to Rotterdam is that you cross over the zoo. With a little luck me could see the lions and the giraffes. And then the train stopped next to the Okapi habitat… and we no moved again…

Uh-oh! What happened? Me did not know. Luckily the lil rebels Richie and Keith phoned me. There was a fire at Rotterdam Central! So no trains were allowed in the station. The lil elephants got rerouted to another station and we… we got stuck just a few meters outside the trainstation, in the middle of the zoo…
While we got stuck our buddies made it to the station by train. And look: they got us updated about the situation. There was firemen and all people had to leave the station! Gladly it was no big fire, just a little one in a broomcloset, but it was big enough to stop all the trains. After a while we went back to Rotterdam North where a lovely lady helped us find the tram to Rotterdam Central so me finally could cuddle me lil buddies! Quickly we jumped on the bus and a few minutes later we arrived at the zoo.

(pictures by Richie & Keith)

It was time for some food, hugs and gifts! Berry made me friends some scarfs. And me got all kinds of nommy cookies – they were delicious! – and a little Cookie Monster statue. Cool huh. Also we visited the whole zoo! We saw the cute prairie dogs, the polar bears, the tigers and lions, the elephants – ofcourse – and both baby rhino’s and sooooo much more. Me even got to visit the impressive and famous silverback gorilla Bokito. We had soooo much fun together. Me was sure we would meet again soon!