Monday, December 10, 2007

Cookie @ The UCK Bandworkshop


Berry played at the Stairway to Heaven rockcafé in Utrecht, on the 9th of December. Cookie was there too...

So, now first a Bavaria/ Zo, nu eerst een Bavaria

Monday, October 08, 2007

Gingerbread house!

Hello everybody. This time Cookie wants to talk about a magical forest. And in this magical forest, there is a wonderful house... okay, a witch lives in that house... but her house in made of CANDY!

And cookies... mjammjammjam!

Luckily for Cookie - but it was also bad... - the house is made of concrete and stones, and not of real candy, cakes, lemonade, pudding and cookies... or me would have had a really bad stomach ache!
This is the house of the witch of the fairytale Hans & Gretl. Everybody can visit it, cause you can find it in the Fairytale Forest of the Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands...

And if you are brave enough to touch the handle of the gate... maybe the cat will hiss at you and the witch will peek through the door... scary!

You can imagine Cookie was not brave enough to do that... Me just wanted to sneak to the house and have a taste... too bad it was not real...

Well... next time in Cookie Report me will talk about other things in the Efteling. And believe me, some things me was really happy that it was not real!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Holiday in Spain

Part 3 ~ On the road in France

Yeah, Cookie knows! Cookie has not been writing a lot lately. But Cookie have very good excuse. Me has been very very busy on location. Cookie went to the Efteling, and to a Beach Volleybal game... And Cookie was at the Utrecht Uitfeest yesterday. So me has lots to talk about!

But first, me want to talk about the vacation again. Cause on the road to Spain we stopped at a big resting place for cars, caravans, people and tired Cookiemonsters to well, talk a rest. And there was this huge solar clock shaped as a piramid. In the center of the piramid there were the signs of the zodiac. It was really something!

Cookie & me zodiac sign Scorpio

We stayed a while at this big piece of art or monument to watch all the numbers and signs of the zodiac. But to get a really good view of it, me had to go outside the tiled square! So Berry was standing in the dry dirt to take this picture, of me and the piramid!

Cookie feels very very tiny in this picture!

Well... that was a beautiful thing to see on holiday. Sometimes beautiful things just pop up around the corner, when you least expect it.

And with these fortune cookie words Cookie signs off for today!
Hope to talk soon about all the other things me have done lately!

Byebye for now...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Holiday in Spain

Part 2 ~ Butterfly park

During the vacation me went to the Butterfly Park in Castello d'Empuries. It was a small garden inside a big greenhouse. It was hot and sweaty, but it was so beautiful to be there. Me saw big blue butterflies. Little black and red ones, occupying a big bush full of red and orange flowers. Me saw a black one with limegreen spots. And this one...

It was the biggest butterfly me has ever seen! And it was so beautiful. It looked like it was real soft and coloured with a colouring pencil or something. It almost no did look real. But she was real. Well, me thinks it was a she... Me stared at it for a long time with my googly eyes. It was so lovely.

In the greenhouse there were more different things to see, small tropical birds, a cubbard full of cocoons and a movie about butterflies. Me did no see the movie thought, me liked the real thing muchos better!

Well, there are more things to talk about, according this park. But me will talk about that later. Just watch this picture for a while... me has not got tired of it yet...

Adios for now.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Holiday in Spain

PART 1 ~ Water legend

Yes yes. Me is back from my Holiday in Spain. And me have seen a lot of nice places. And me will be talking about them the coming weeks. Today me will talk about the camping me went to.

The Camping is called Mas Nou and this is Spanish for Mermaid. And offcourse the mascot of the campingsite is a mermaid. The beautiful statue is sitting at the gate of the site, between green grass and bushes, holding a big hornshaped shell, while watching everybody who is leaving the camping with a silent smile.

Me really liked this theme. Especially when the ocean is so nearby. This little mermaid can be seen through the whole village though. The cityblock the campingsite can be found is called Mas Nou too. And in the village loads of mosaics and other artforms were dedicated to the mermaid.

It was nice. But not as nice as the silent mermaid, watching everybody walk or drive by...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Me is going to Spain!
Yes, it is time to go on vacation and me will be traveling on Berries back to the South of Europe where me will enjoy grilled chicken and some nice days in the sun. Maybe me will even visit a nice town. Well... we will never know in advance, now do we?

So Cookie will be gone for two weeks, starting tomorrow, and then me will tell all about my trip to Spain!

Love, Cookie

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Killer Whale

O no!
What is happening with me?
Is me eaten by a killer whale? Or orka as they like to call this magnificent seamammel in Dutch.
Is me really no more writing little stories on my website?
Is me really eaten like a teabiscuit?

Well... no... it was a practical joke of Berry and her brother - me thought friends did no do such things with eachother but she was tempted by Henk. We were at the Dolfinarium last Monday with Berries sister-in-law and Little Henkje. It was loads of fun. Even while me was hanging upside down in the mouth of a killer whale.

Luckily me is too fuzzy, blue and cute to be eaten like cookie... so every wise killer whale would spit me out!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Meet & Greet: Tom Sebastian

Welcome again in Cookie Monsters Hall of Fame where me present pictures of me, with a Dutch celebrity... Hey Cookie made a little rhyme.

This time me could meet with stylist Tom Sebastian, a Dutch hair and make-up artist who also has worked in the United States. Toms trademark is his long hair, but me especially liked the fact that he was very kind. Here you can see me on Toms knee.

Who will be next in Cookies hall of fame? That will be a surprise. Also for me, because me do not know yet...
Buh-bye for now.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Tomorrow it will be the 30th of April. In the Netherlands we celebrate Queensday, or as me say it in Dutch, Koninginnedag.

Queensday is the day - like when a Dutch sportsman or -girl of national sportsteam is playing - people dress up totally in Orange. Orange is the Dutch Royal colour. Some others will add some colours from the Dutch flag - red, white and blue - by painting flags on their cheeks.

At this day, we celebrate the birthday of the Queen. Queen Beatrix is born in January, so... it is a little late to celebrate it in April. Yes, me can hear you thinking all through the computer and Internet network. Actually Queen Beatrix decided to stick with the 30th of April when she became Queen, to honor her mothers birthday. This was Queen Juliana, who has passed away some years ago...

Anyhow... this is the day people go celebrating in the streets. At midnight the Vrijmarkt - freemarket - in Utrecht will start and the party is starting in Amsterdam and Den Haag - The Hague - too. It is called Queensnight - Koninginnenacht - and you can party all night long. At the Vrijmarkt you can buy used stuff from other people.

It is a fun party. During the morning the Queen and her family will visit two towns in the Netherlands by foot. Sometimes they play along with the children. It is really fun to watch. So me will be doing that again tomorrow on television. And offcourse, me will be dressed up in Orange!

Have a nice Koninginnedag.
Byebye for now.

CookieMonsters must do's on Queensday in the Netherlands:
- Wear something orange
- Do this so anyone can see it
- Paint Dutch flags on your cheeks, or paint your nails red, white, blue and orange (twice).
- Wear some funny outfits, hats or shoes... orange coloured ofcourse
- Say Long live the Queen, hurra, hurra, hurra (Lang leve de Koningin, hoezee, hoezee, hoezee...)
- Drink Orangebitter (oranjebitter), when you don't drink alcohol, only drink orange soda or orange juice... Orange tea poured in an orange glass is okay too...
- Eat oranges, carrots, orange lollipops, orange cakes (oranje tompoucen) or other food that is orange.
- Have loads of fun and party in the streets with total strangers or with friends and family
- Watch the royal family on television

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dolfinarium 17-2

A while back, me went to this seasons opening of the Dolfinarium. It was on the 17th of February. Me was thrilled to go again, with Berry, because we no have been there for quite some time! Me wanted to see all the lovely dolphins again, so me went downstairs with Berry to look at our friends under the water.

Kite came almost immediately to play. So did Beachie and Skinny. But Kite stayed the longest. Trying to hug me, blowing bubbles, chasing them, looking at me, trying to get petted through the glass. Luckily me had me camera with me, so me could take some lovely pictures. Berry took this one with her digital camera.

Later me went to the seals. There was a little one, just 6 days old, called Amy. She was pretty, fuzzy and white! Me wanted to hug her, but her mom Caroline, probably no would agree... so me just looked at her from the side. It was beautiful.

Me could pet the sharks! One little one was very cuddly and he wanted to be petted so much, he just put his nose above the water to look at me. Well... me hoped he was just interested in being petted... and not in biting me fuzzy and blue paw!

It was a lovely day... hopefully me will go to the Dolfinarium often again this year. Well... Berry will be going often... me just has to tag along!

Buhbye for now.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ease on down the road


Ease on down, ease on down the road...

Cookie just got back from a great show! Me went to see THE WIZ at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht, with Berry ofcourse. It was spectacular! Me clapped me little fuzzy paws totally blue and me was swinging and singing... It was great.

It was the first time me went to see a musical with Berry alone. So me was a bit nervous. What if she eat all the cookies... but me was worried about nothing, me eat all the cookies. We had loads of fun, luckily me brought some handkerchiefs, cause some songs were really beautiful! And the leading lady was really really great! She is very little but has a very big voice!

Me had great seat. Well, actually Berry had a great seat, just 5 rows from the stage, at the aisle, in the middle. So me could see everything extra googly from Berries lap. But me could sit in her seat just for the picture!

Ah... me liked it just very much. It was the Dutch version of the movie from 1978, mixed with all bits and pieces of the story told by The Muppets, Disney and the original version with Judy Garland... So, it was the basic story, with loads of Motown songs and modern influences, but with an original storyline. Me liked it.

Maybe, if me is really sweet, me can go again...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Dutch Winters ~ part 2

O my o my! Dutch winters can be stormy! Me fur all got mixed up and the trees are lying down on the ground!

It has been a stormy week last week, but... thursday was the stormiest! Me no even could go outside without being blown away! Today the sun is shining, but last thursday it was raining and raining. And the wind was blowing and blowing.

Luckily Berry was working at home that day - a very good decision, made the week before - so me no had to go out. Well me had to go out once to do some grocery shopping, but that was all. Berry could have used me as a kite! That hard the wind was blowing!

The storm was hard on the whole of the country. Trains could no longer ride, because of trees that were stuk on the track. And people got stranded. Like Berries dad could no get out of Woerden. And Wilma too. So Henk asked Berry and me to take care of Henkje and he went to Woerden to pick up Dad and Wilma from the trainstation there. It was kinda fun, but there were loads of people who had to spend the night on army beds in gyms.

Well... everybody returned around 6.30, so we could eat. Too bad me forgotten to go out and take some pictures...

Luckily friday the storm calmed down. Now we are hoping for snow. The weatherpeople are saying it will be here soon... me just gonna wait and see!

Byebye for now!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jazz @ Cees' Place

Cookie is sorry he no is blogging much lately. Me has been very busy. Tasting the fresh cooked bread of Berries dad for example. But me was also very busy napping while Berry was at work. She no even took coffeebreaks away from the computer, so me could write a story about what me has done lately. Well... Me can tell you, me has been a bit lazy. Me no go to the fitness club Berry goes to. Me no go to the Dolfinarium, cos it is closed. Me no go to FC Utrecht for a soccer game, cos it is winterbreak. Me no go to saxophone lessons.

But me DID go to Berries big gig, last thursday at Cees' Place. Me had wonderful time. Listening to all kinds of jazz. Berry and the quartet she plays in, did a real good job. Me liked it very much. Berry played Footprints, Autumn Leaves and Blue Bossa. Last one was nice, because it was blue, but the rest of it was very good too.

After the show me could go on stage, but me missed Grover and Herry Monster, so we no could sing our ragtime classic Fuzzy & Blue, but me got to go on really cool picture... with the deliciously looking drums...

Too bad Animal no was in tha house!

Byebye for now! Hope to write a bit sooner again.