Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jazz @ Cees' Place

Cookie is sorry he no is blogging much lately. Me has been very busy. Tasting the fresh cooked bread of Berries dad for example. But me was also very busy napping while Berry was at work. She no even took coffeebreaks away from the computer, so me could write a story about what me has done lately. Well... Me can tell you, me has been a bit lazy. Me no go to the fitness club Berry goes to. Me no go to the Dolfinarium, cos it is closed. Me no go to FC Utrecht for a soccer game, cos it is winterbreak. Me no go to saxophone lessons.

But me DID go to Berries big gig, last thursday at Cees' Place. Me had wonderful time. Listening to all kinds of jazz. Berry and the quartet she plays in, did a real good job. Me liked it very much. Berry played Footprints, Autumn Leaves and Blue Bossa. Last one was nice, because it was blue, but the rest of it was very good too.

After the show me could go on stage, but me missed Grover and Herry Monster, so we no could sing our ragtime classic Fuzzy & Blue, but me got to go on really cool picture... with the deliciously looking drums...

Too bad Animal no was in tha house!

Byebye for now! Hope to write a bit sooner again.

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