Thursday, December 15, 2005


Me really loves soccer! Me always go with Berry, her dad, little Ron and Uncle Jos to the soccergames of FC Utrecht in stadion Galgenwaard. It is magnificent! Me can watch 11 very good players, playing with heart and soul. The stages are cheering! It is beautiful. Really! And that while there aren't any cookies.

Well me always go to cheer for the team. Me like that. Me can shout very loud. But not as loud as the rest of us, me can assure you!

Me even got me own shirt. Berry made it for me, cause the Fanshop doesn't have anything in my size... well they have, because they have babyclothes, but me wanted a tough shirt. So Berry made it for me. This Christmas the shirt will be exactly two years old. She made the shirt during the holidays, with a lot of beads and a needle and a thread. All by herself, with her own two hands. We still get compliments when we enter the stadion, cause everyone likes the shirt very much.

Me like it too. Look at the picture and judge for yourself. Me never wear hat though, it was put on just for the picture. It is the cap of Berries dad.

Me is a real FC Utrecht Hooligan. Well, that is what supporters are called when they cheer for a soccerclub. Even when you don't break or do anything else bad. Me have searched on the Internet, cause me wanted to know where the word hooligan came from. Well... as a good Sesame Monster, me will tell you all about it!

During the 19th century there was a man called Patrick Hooligan. He lived in London and he was a bad man! He terrorised the city by breaking stuff and harassing people by calling them names and always getting himself in a fight. Well, that is what bad soccersupporters also do. They could have been called Patricks too... but me is glad it became Hooligan. It is much easier. And nobody would have been called Patrick anymore...

So, me isn't a bad soccersupporter, but me is kind of Hooligan. Me always shouts positive things to the player, cheering them on and me can say bad things - no cursing or name calling though - about the referee... in that way me is Hooligan.

But me is a sweet Hooligan, ain't me?


Anonymous said...

Yes you a very nice Hooligan indeed is. Me that can confirm. Me a very nice Patrick too is, cause you wearing my cap on picture. Nice picture I like. You nice too but have to shout harder during the games. Me see you every day even without you're lovely handmade shirt. Me proud of Berry that she made a beautiful shirt like that with so much love.
You may guesss: WHO AM I

Cookie Monster said...

You either are Jos or Berries dad. Me think it is the latter... cause me was wearing your hat.

So dear 'Me a very nice Patrick too', me will shout harder next match. On the second day of Christmas!!!

Love Cookie