Friday, December 02, 2005

Goodbye DiTo!

This week was a very sad week for the supporters of FC Utrecht. So it was sad week for me too, cos me always go to FC Utrecht when the soccerteam plays. Me is bit of hooligan, always yelling and supporting the team. Some players now me, cos they can see me from the field. Berry discoverd via the younger brother of Pascal Bosschaart -who is now playing at Feyenoord - that he thinks me was frog! But me is not Kermit. Me googly-eyes are much prettier.

Anyways: this was a sad week, that is why me is making an extra Cookie Report. Tuesday me heard that the defender of FC Utrecht had died in his sleep. His name is David Di Tommaso and he was a very good player. Me liked his free kicks and the way he defended: almost no-one got through when he was around. Now he isn't anymore.

Yesterday evening there was a memorialservice in Stadion Galgenwaard, the home of FC Utrecht. Me didn't go there, but me read newspaper and on Internet about it. David always played with number 4, and this number will never be used again for another player. Me thinks it is the best tribute one can make!

Me want to say goodbye to DiTo - that is his nickname - and me hope he can play soccer in heaven too.

Lots of Love to everyone, Cookie Monster

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