Friday, December 09, 2005


Hi! Me have celebrated a Dutch tradition this week. It is called 'Sinterklaasfeest' and it is about a Saint called Nicolas. He was always kind to children and so the Dutch still celebrate in his honor. It is like Santa, but Santa is chubby and flies around in a sleigh. Sinterklaas has helpers called Zwarte Pieten, or Black Peters. This are funny and colourfulclothed men and women who bring all the presents around. Sinterklaas makes poems and rides around on a beautiful white horse called Amerigo. Sinterklaas lives in Spain during the year, but he visits The Netherlands every winter to celebrate his birthday: the 5th of december. After that he and his Pieten leave the country and go back with the steamboat to Spain.

Me like to celebrate Sinterklaas! It if fun and me can eat all the nice speculaas cookies me can chew! There are small cookies, called pepernoten and big cookies stuffed with a sweet yellow substance called spijs made of almonds. And there are chocolat letters, and marzepin and all kinds of sugared candy! Me think its delicious!

And then the presents! They are all so colorfully wrapped! Me liked them all. And cause Me have been a good monster me also got a nice present. Yes, Me got a letter C. No, it wasn't a C for Cookie, but for Chocolat. Cause the letter you get is the first letter of your name!

Tradition says that when you have been naughty, Sinterklaas takes you to Spain in his bag he brought the presents in. But me was a good monster and for the picture me could sit in the bag, but me didn't go to Spain. Luckily. Cause me got a lot more to tell... well see ya at me next report. Me will go Urban then!

Byebye for now!

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