Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dutch Winters

Dutch winters are very cold.
But moreso: they are wet!

This picture was taking after Berry and me came home from the mall. When me went to the mall for some shopping the sun was shining. It was a beautiful afternoon. So Berry went walking. When we came out of the supermarket it started to rain. A bit at first, but for me was home me was soaked! The rain was splashing on the ground. And the wind was cold, so we was chilled! Brr.

Dutch winters are unpredictable. Moreso because of the seaclimate. It is not raining as much as in England, but in Fall and Winter the rain is falling down pretty much. Except when it will be very cold. Then icewater falls down. Or, and that is really beautiful, snow. Last march we had lots of snow. It was magnificent!

The last time snow came down. Me was with Berry in the VW Beetle and we was riding home in the traffic jam. On radio me heard there was over 900 kilometers of traffic jam in Holland, just because the weather turned winters. Too bad the snow we was riding in was wet snow, and it didn't stay put. No snowball fight...

Me hopes it will start to snow again. But for now, me wishes no more rain. Well... it can be cosy, when me is inside and the rain makes galloping sounds on the window and roof. But me don't like to walk in it... it is too cold, and too wet. Me fur all got soaked. Lucky for me, Berry had a nice big towel for me to dry meself in!

Well, bye bye for now. Me will talk about Sinterklaas next time we meet!

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Anonymous said...

O, dear Cookie Monster! How awful you get so wet in the rain! Can't Berry buy you a raincoat?