Thursday, December 29, 2005

To the movies

Hello dear readers. Today me went to the movies! Me went with Berry, Henk and Silvia. It was fun! First me went to McDonalds to eat a Big Mac.

And after that me went to the movietheater called The Rembrandt. Yes! After the famous painter. Well, we didn't to go see any paintings though, but a very exciting movie, called Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.

It was a very nice movie, with a strange reporterlady. She made all kinds of stupid reports. Me didn't like her reports. Mine are much better, and mine are all about truth! So, maybe that Skeeter-lady could come and learn from me!

The second half of the movie was a bit scary for small monsters like me. So, me ate whole box of popcorn instead!

This report no picture of me, the picture didn't work out that nice in the dark theatre, so me hung up the moviesposter instead. Nice, huh!

Well, byebye for now. Me will talk about Oliebollen next wednesday!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

At the Indoor Winterfair

Hello. Here is me again. Me have been away a few days, cause me have been on two Indoor Winterfairs the last two weekends.

It was great fun. Me really liked to be a salesperson. The fairs were in Capelle aan de IJssel and in Zwijndrecht. Two lovely little towns in the neighbourhood of Rotterdam. But that isn't important.

What is important is the merchandise me, Berry and Henk - her brother - was selling. We had a booth full of UkiUkies, lovely little dragons, sometimes falsely mistaken for monkeys, but they are cute and cuddly dragons. But actually they are just UkiUkies.

Me at the Winterfair of Capelle aan de IJssel

Well, me went three days to Capelle first. It was fun. Me never had seen so many people walking by in three days! But they didn't just walk by, they stopped too to buy some UkiUkies. At night the hallway where we were situated became really cold... so that was a little less fun.

The next week me went to Zwijndrecht. We had to evenings called 'koopavond', when all the shops in the mall are open for late hours. In Capelle we only had one of those and a sunday. But that was just four hours... In Zwijndrecht we had a very good space, just next to the moneybox and the liquorshop. And on the opposite there was an Intertoys, a toy store. Me have seen even more people there then in Capelle. And the business was great too. Me had real big fun. Especially the last day. There was a big snowman and a Santa Claus playing the accordeon.

The snowman was actually a man in a big snowman suit. Berry said, that it was Frosty the Snowman, but when Henk said he must be frying in the suit, Berry reacted with: well, than it has to be Tosti the Snowman. Me thought it was a funny joke.

Me at the Winterfair of Zwijndrecht

Well, me had great time. Me was very tired at the end of every day. But hey, that is okay. It was fun, me had great time! Buying presents, wrapping presents and offcourse: eating cookies!

Byebye for now.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Oh Christmastree!

Me love Christmas! Me love the Christmastree, with all the shiny ornaments, and offcourse the chocolates on the branches. The little manger. Me really love it all.

Me also loves ChristmasCookies, with milk, but milk isn't neccessary.

Me loves singing Christmascarols, watching Christmasmovies (A Muppet Family Christmas, starring me!) and offcourse me loves the familydinner.

Ah. Christmas. Make me all warm and fuzzy.

...wait a minute... me allready is warm and fuzzy... well maybe me feels like Christmas everyday.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas All!

Me love Christmas. Hanging up stockings. Presents under the tree. Candy in the tree... Well. Cookie just loves Christmascookies too... Me can't help it, me is Cookie Monster. Me also likes Christmasdinner. But me loves Christmas most of all because it is a family thing. And Cookie just loves family.

And, a family pack of cookies is bigger!

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Little Red RidingMonster

Little Red Riding Hood is a sweet little girl.
Well, me thinks so. Cause she brings cookies to her sick grandmother.
Nobody brings me cookies when me is sick, because most of the times when me is sick, it is because me ate too much cookies.

Ah, well. Me was talking about little Red. Me is a bit a little Blue RidingMonster. Me also goes to grandma. But mostly to eat cookies...

This picture was taking during Sinterklaasmorning when Berry - as a sweet granddaughter always does - was bringing all kinds of sweets and speculaas (it is kind of cookie) to her grandmother in the Hospice. A hospice is something different than a hospital. In the hospital the doctor makes you better, in a hospice you are taken care of when you are very ill, but won't get better.

So Berry wanted to make it a nice Sinterklaas and took me and a large platter full of nice Sinterklaas-candy and cookies with her to grandma.

Well, me think actually Berry is Little Red, and me is the Riding Along Monster.

Byebye for now and me have a report ready for you soon!
So keep on checking in.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Me really loves soccer! Me always go with Berry, her dad, little Ron and Uncle Jos to the soccergames of FC Utrecht in stadion Galgenwaard. It is magnificent! Me can watch 11 very good players, playing with heart and soul. The stages are cheering! It is beautiful. Really! And that while there aren't any cookies.

Well me always go to cheer for the team. Me like that. Me can shout very loud. But not as loud as the rest of us, me can assure you!

Me even got me own shirt. Berry made it for me, cause the Fanshop doesn't have anything in my size... well they have, because they have babyclothes, but me wanted a tough shirt. So Berry made it for me. This Christmas the shirt will be exactly two years old. She made the shirt during the holidays, with a lot of beads and a needle and a thread. All by herself, with her own two hands. We still get compliments when we enter the stadion, cause everyone likes the shirt very much.

Me like it too. Look at the picture and judge for yourself. Me never wear hat though, it was put on just for the picture. It is the cap of Berries dad.

Me is a real FC Utrecht Hooligan. Well, that is what supporters are called when they cheer for a soccerclub. Even when you don't break or do anything else bad. Me have searched on the Internet, cause me wanted to know where the word hooligan came from. Well... as a good Sesame Monster, me will tell you all about it!

During the 19th century there was a man called Patrick Hooligan. He lived in London and he was a bad man! He terrorised the city by breaking stuff and harassing people by calling them names and always getting himself in a fight. Well, that is what bad soccersupporters also do. They could have been called Patricks too... but me is glad it became Hooligan. It is much easier. And nobody would have been called Patrick anymore...

So, me isn't a bad soccersupporter, but me is kind of Hooligan. Me always shouts positive things to the player, cheering them on and me can say bad things - no cursing or name calling though - about the referee... in that way me is Hooligan.

But me is a sweet Hooligan, ain't me?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Meet & Greet: Brace

A while ago me went with Berry to Amsterdam. Well, that isn't so special me suppose, me goes with Berry to Amsterdam for Script too, so. But this time, it was special! Me went with Berry on an interview.

You must know Berry is a writer and a journalist. She is also chief editor from a professional magazine. So when Berry goes to a convention for work, me is a bit important too. Today, me was also a bit important. But that will come later.

In Amsterdam we went to a very trendy hotel and waited in the café for Brace. He is a Dutch Urbansinger, like Usher. He is really good, cause he sings with his heart! He also wants to be a rolemodel for the kids! Like Cookie, but then in a different way offcourse.

Berry had a very nice and fun interview with Brace for her magazine. Me listened with awe. And when the interview was over, Berry asked if Me could go on a picture with Brace. ME!

Me was so proud! And this is the result!

Brace liked the suggestion. He said: 'If you can talk to other celebs you can have loads of pictures with Cookie Monster and stars!' Ofcourse he said it in Dutch, but me understand! And me liked his proposal. So me hopes Berry can interview other Dutch celebs too and that they are just as enthusiastic about going on a picture with me! It is very cool! So maybe next time me can talk about another meet & greet.

But me say byebye for now. Until next time!

Friday, December 09, 2005


Hi! Me have celebrated a Dutch tradition this week. It is called 'Sinterklaasfeest' and it is about a Saint called Nicolas. He was always kind to children and so the Dutch still celebrate in his honor. It is like Santa, but Santa is chubby and flies around in a sleigh. Sinterklaas has helpers called Zwarte Pieten, or Black Peters. This are funny and colourfulclothed men and women who bring all the presents around. Sinterklaas makes poems and rides around on a beautiful white horse called Amerigo. Sinterklaas lives in Spain during the year, but he visits The Netherlands every winter to celebrate his birthday: the 5th of december. After that he and his Pieten leave the country and go back with the steamboat to Spain.

Me like to celebrate Sinterklaas! It if fun and me can eat all the nice speculaas cookies me can chew! There are small cookies, called pepernoten and big cookies stuffed with a sweet yellow substance called spijs made of almonds. And there are chocolat letters, and marzepin and all kinds of sugared candy! Me think its delicious!

And then the presents! They are all so colorfully wrapped! Me liked them all. And cause Me have been a good monster me also got a nice present. Yes, Me got a letter C. No, it wasn't a C for Cookie, but for Chocolat. Cause the letter you get is the first letter of your name!

Tradition says that when you have been naughty, Sinterklaas takes you to Spain in his bag he brought the presents in. But me was a good monster and for the picture me could sit in the bag, but me didn't go to Spain. Luckily. Cause me got a lot more to tell... well see ya at me next report. Me will go Urban then!

Byebye for now!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dutch Winters

Dutch winters are very cold.
But moreso: they are wet!

This picture was taking after Berry and me came home from the mall. When me went to the mall for some shopping the sun was shining. It was a beautiful afternoon. So Berry went walking. When we came out of the supermarket it started to rain. A bit at first, but for me was home me was soaked! The rain was splashing on the ground. And the wind was cold, so we was chilled! Brr.

Dutch winters are unpredictable. Moreso because of the seaclimate. It is not raining as much as in England, but in Fall and Winter the rain is falling down pretty much. Except when it will be very cold. Then icewater falls down. Or, and that is really beautiful, snow. Last march we had lots of snow. It was magnificent!

The last time snow came down. Me was with Berry in the VW Beetle and we was riding home in the traffic jam. On radio me heard there was over 900 kilometers of traffic jam in Holland, just because the weather turned winters. Too bad the snow we was riding in was wet snow, and it didn't stay put. No snowball fight...

Me hopes it will start to snow again. But for now, me wishes no more rain. Well... it can be cosy, when me is inside and the rain makes galloping sounds on the window and roof. But me don't like to walk in it... it is too cold, and too wet. Me fur all got soaked. Lucky for me, Berry had a nice big towel for me to dry meself in!

Well, bye bye for now. Me will talk about Sinterklaas next time we meet!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Goodbye DiTo!

This week was a very sad week for the supporters of FC Utrecht. So it was sad week for me too, cos me always go to FC Utrecht when the soccerteam plays. Me is bit of hooligan, always yelling and supporting the team. Some players now me, cos they can see me from the field. Berry discoverd via the younger brother of Pascal Bosschaart -who is now playing at Feyenoord - that he thinks me was frog! But me is not Kermit. Me googly-eyes are much prettier.

Anyways: this was a sad week, that is why me is making an extra Cookie Report. Tuesday me heard that the defender of FC Utrecht had died in his sleep. His name is David Di Tommaso and he was a very good player. Me liked his free kicks and the way he defended: almost no-one got through when he was around. Now he isn't anymore.

Yesterday evening there was a memorialservice in Stadion Galgenwaard, the home of FC Utrecht. Me didn't go there, but me read newspaper and on Internet about it. David always played with number 4, and this number will never be used again for another player. Me thinks it is the best tribute one can make!

Me want to say goodbye to DiTo - that is his nickname - and me hope he can play soccer in heaven too.

Lots of Love to everyone, Cookie Monster