Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Little Red RidingMonster

Little Red Riding Hood is a sweet little girl.
Well, me thinks so. Cause she brings cookies to her sick grandmother.
Nobody brings me cookies when me is sick, because most of the times when me is sick, it is because me ate too much cookies.

Ah, well. Me was talking about little Red. Me is a bit a little Blue RidingMonster. Me also goes to grandma. But mostly to eat cookies...

This picture was taking during Sinterklaasmorning when Berry - as a sweet granddaughter always does - was bringing all kinds of sweets and speculaas (it is kind of cookie) to her grandmother in the Hospice. A hospice is something different than a hospital. In the hospital the doctor makes you better, in a hospice you are taken care of when you are very ill, but won't get better.

So Berry wanted to make it a nice Sinterklaas and took me and a large platter full of nice Sinterklaas-candy and cookies with her to grandma.

Well, me think actually Berry is Little Red, and me is the Riding Along Monster.

Byebye for now and me have a report ready for you soon!
So keep on checking in.

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