Thursday, December 29, 2005

To the movies

Hello dear readers. Today me went to the movies! Me went with Berry, Henk and Silvia. It was fun! First me went to McDonalds to eat a Big Mac.

And after that me went to the movietheater called The Rembrandt. Yes! After the famous painter. Well, we didn't to go see any paintings though, but a very exciting movie, called Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.

It was a very nice movie, with a strange reporterlady. She made all kinds of stupid reports. Me didn't like her reports. Mine are much better, and mine are all about truth! So, maybe that Skeeter-lady could come and learn from me!

The second half of the movie was a bit scary for small monsters like me. So, me ate whole box of popcorn instead!

This report no picture of me, the picture didn't work out that nice in the dark theatre, so me hung up the moviesposter instead. Nice, huh!

Well, byebye for now. Me will talk about Oliebollen next wednesday!

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