Wednesday, February 22, 2006

't Twiske

Last Saturday me felt very, very, very small.

Me went with Berry and Maureen to 't Twiske, a piece of protected nature, where birds can live and built there nests. In Holland there are a lot of this bird reservations. It is beautiful.

Me went with them to the harbour. A big boathouse in Zaanse-style was standing there. Zaans is real Dutch. If you are in a different country, people always see this kind of houses as real Dutch. Second to mills me think... The houses are made of wood, mostly painted mossgreen, with a roof of pans and white frames around it. The windows are small and have a wooden frame behind the glass. Red is used in this houses too. Mostly for the shutters... to shut the windows.

This is a close-up of the side of the boathouse. Unfortunately you no can see the shutters or the frontside...But the roof and the colors you can see! It is nice.

When me was watching the water and the nature around me, me felt very small. Like cookiecrumbs...

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