Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Berries Bug

The best way to travel is sitting nice, warm and cosey in a car. And me love to ride in Berries VW Volkswagen Bug. Me have seen a lot of Holland, just sitting on the byriders seat. Me have seen Amersfoort and Leusden. The Utrechtse Heuvelrug and Beesd. Me go to the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk with Berries Bug. And even to her work, or to Amsterdam for her workshops.

Me like it to ride in a car, because it is nice and warm inside. And when it is hot, me can roll down the window and let the wind blow through me blue fur. What me also likes very much is that me can listen to the radio with Berry and sometimes we laugh out loud or cry with a sad song. But mostly we sing.

Inside at a parkinglot near Henks house

We sing about everything. It can be Faith Hills Mesmerized, or Elvis' Suspicious Minds and lately we have been singing all kinds of Sesame Songs. With offcourse me favorites "C" is for Cookie and Me lost me Cookie in the Disco.

What me likes best about Berries car, is that it is a special car. She has started her own website about it (Keevie & Ik) a few years back, just to talk about all her adventures. Me have shared a lot of those adventures. Well, just because me always go with Berry offcourse.

Outside at the parkinglot of the Dolfinarium. See, me even bought a parkingticket!

Me love the Bug. A Volkswagen Beetle is a very special car you know. Berries is from Mexico and is build in 1982. Berry bought it in 1998. So she is riding in it for over seven years now. Cool huh.

Well me think Berries Bug is very special for two reasons. One it is a beautiful car, which gets noticed on and off the highway. And second: its Berries! And me can hitch a ride everytime! How special is that.

Byebye for now!

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