Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bus Bouncin'

When me go somewhere, me drives with Berry in her car. Me already talked about other ways of travelling. The subway - me told about it yesterday - the train, or boat, and now it is time for the bus.

In America there is the Greyhoundbus, and offcourse the schoolbus. In Holland there is also the citybus, that drives around town, taking you where you wanna go. And a bus that takes you from city to city - like the Greyhound, but Holland is smaller so...

When me go to shop with Berry in the city, me always travel by bus. Also we travel by citybus to go to the railroadstation, or to FC Utrecht. On game-days it is free! Me like the bus. There are much windows to look outside, and it is all above ground. The only thing me no not like is the bridge, right before the city. It is a short, bumpy bridge which makes me stomach come up. But it is a short bridge... so.

And then there is the Tourbus. Well... it isn't exactly a tourbus... but it is used for holidaytrips (to destinations in Europe) or for trips inside Holland to travel with more luxe. Me like it. Me went in it a lot of times.

The picture was taking on the same day as the Canal Cruisin' trip. It was Berries grandpa's 80th birthday, and we traveled all day with this big, well, tourbus. It was loads of fun! The benches where very comfortable, and soft. And me could see all the cars riding by below me, cause me sat much higher... on Berries bag offcourse.

And the best bit of riding in a bus is that you don't have to drive yourself. Just sit down, relax, enjoy the view, and you don't have to find a parking space!

Well, byebye for now! Me will tell you next wednesday something that is called De Elfstedentocht. Me will give one hint: people in the Netherlands are talking about it now it has gotten much colder!

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