Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Years Eve

Saturday it was New Years Eve. Me went to Little Henk, Henk and Wilma, with Berry, Daddy, Bassie and Molly. Me thought it was marvelous to celebrate the New Year. First me watched Idols, and after that Dancing with the Stars. And when the clock striked twelve me got a lot of kisses and a glass of champagne. Luckily me didn't have to drive!

After that, me watched some beautiful fireworks, me, dad and Berry had bought the day before. It was fantastic. And me was a tired little monster afterwards, because me got to stay up so late! Cause after the fireworks, me went with Berry and dad to grandma in the hospice in Vleuten to give her all our best wishes for the new year. Me got all warm and fuzzy inside... >sigh<.

But, the best thing of the evening were the Oliebollen. Oliebollen are genuine Dutch traditionfood for New Years Eve. It is hard to explain what oliebollen are exactly, but me will try. Oliebollen are thanking there names to the way they are prepared and the way they look. Olie means oil in Dutch. Oliebollen are fried in sunfloweroil, just like french fries or fried fish. The second half of the name is bollen wich means balls. The oliebollen are made of dough (like doughnut, but a doughnut doesn't taste as great, believe me!) and the balls are scooped out of the dough, like chocolate chip icecream, and putted in the oil to fry well done.

The dough can be plain, or filled with pieces of apple and yummy raisins. In old-fashioned oliebollen people will put sucade, a sugery green fruit thing. But not everyone likes that. Me likes the warm, soft raisins and apples! Sometimes the plain oliebol is filled with pudding, then it is called a Berliner Bol, wich makes me think it is something German. Sometimes there is different fruit inside the bol, like banana or cherries. Sometimes people put liquor in the oliebollen, or chocolate or pears. The last too things are very delicious too!

Me have eatin a lot of oliebollen on New Years Eve and on New Years Day too... me liked it very much. Especially with powdered sugar on top of it!

Byebye for now!

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Keevie & Ik said...

Hi Cookie Monster,

Don'tcha eat to much of those oliebollen! Or you'll get pain in your tummy!

Love, Me