Friday, January 20, 2006

When Berry goes swimmin'

Me no like to swim.
Me will get all wet.
And me think monsters are not allowed to swim at the pool.

So, what do cute, furry, little monsters do when Berry goes swimmin'?
Exactly, waiting in the locker till she get back!

Luckily Berry left bunch of cookies...


Keevie & Ik said...

So, Cookie didn't complain. It wasn't cold and hey, the cookies were gone in no-time.

...but my clothes were covered in crumbs though...

Ah what! Still love ya Cookie Monster!

80meals said...

wow! ik wist niet dat cookie monster z'n eigen fansite had. hoewel het natuurlijk wel logisch is...
ik ben zelf wel fan van animal en van oscar (heb thuis nog een singletje "i love garbage" op vinyl).

Cookie Monster said...

Hi Jenny,

Me like your comment! Oscar is very good friend of mine. When cookies are no longer good, Me know he will enjoy them!

And Cookie Report is not just a fansite... it is me own site in which me tell all about nice things me have done. Or me will talk about Dutch traditions.

Me hope to see you around!

Love, Cookie Monster