Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Canal Cruisin'

A while ago, it was in October, me went canal cruisin' through the Utrecht Canals. Me liked it very much. Why? Because you go sit in a big boat called a 'rondvaartboot' with glass all around so you can look outside. And what a view me had! Me could see the Dom, a big tower in Utrecht, and loads of water, cause we where in a boat... and the warfs. That are basements at the waterside. The lady who was directing the tour told us all that, and more!

Utrecht is an old city where Berry lives. The city has a network of canals, that were used as defence and cityborders during the Roman time and all through the Middle Ages. It was nice to learn so much of a city! Especially cause the city is special.

Me was awed! Me saw beautiful statues and buildings. And carvings in the walls of professions. You know, like the butchers, blacksmiths and... offcourse... bakers!

Me thought the old bakery at the waterside was the most beautiful building from the tour... But hey, me just likes Cookies. Unfortunately the bakery was closed for centuries... Me didn't mind if they had old cookies. Cause Berries mum used to say: an old cookie is also a cookie. But there weren't any. So Berry bought me some later instead.

During the canal cruise me learned a lot about the old city me visits a lot on Berries back, so, me liked it very much. Me was so awed, Henk had to pull my paw out of my mouth...

Bye bye for now!

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